How to get rid of the smell of chicken manure in the chicken farm?

Are you bothered by the smell of poultry droppings? Are you worried that poultry manure will affect the development of the breeding project? Or would you rather be near a smelly chicken coop? So how do you get rid of the stench from the chicken coop? Today, poultry equipment manufacturers share a few tips for you.



  1. Use bedding products with good bedding and good water absorption. Litter is very important in the way of farming in a flat system. They absorb bird waste, especially the liquid part, thereby limiting harmful pathogens and ammonia production. Therefore, we need to use padding materials with good water absorption properties. Sawdust is one of the best absorbents you can get easily. It is easy to use and manage and is ideal for controlling poultry odor. They come with their own scent and are very readily available and inexpensive.
  2. From the moment you build your coop, it needs to be carefully designed to ensure good ventilation. An efficient and proper ventilation system needs to be considered when citing and constructing a poultry house. This will help keep the house well ventilated and reduce chicken manure odor. In fact, good air flow and circulation keeps the house dry at all times and manure odor is minimized. Automatic poultry environmental control systems - fan pads can also be installed around the house to help draw fresh air into it.
  3. Use lime or vinegar to remove fecal odor.Chicken manure from a battery cage system falls on the ground or on the manure belt, and eventually it will accumulate and give you a strong odor. One of the most effective ways to get rid of unpleasant odors in chicken coops is to use agricultural lime. Basically, they neutralize the pH and remove the unpleasant odors around.
  4. Buy battery cage systemBreeding chickens in battery cages can create a good sanitary environment for poultry. Because of the use of automated poultry manure removal systems, chicken manure can be centrally processed outside the house. Keep the manure out of the house thereby reducing the smell of chicken manure inside the house. In fact, this method is the most acceptable, convenient and clean.



The above are the 4 tips that poultry equipment manufacturers share to reduce the smell of chicken houses. Help poultry farms stay away from chicken manure odor. Hopefully everyone's chickens will smell fresh from now on.

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