Drinking water system disinfection of chicken cages

Good drinking water hygiene will reduce the disease of the chickens and ensure the health of the chickens. How to disinfect the chicken battery cage drinking water system?

1. Open the water line and completely drain the water from the line.
2. Fill the water line with a clean disinfectant solution.
3. Observe whether the solution flowing out of the drain has the characteristics of a disinfecting solution, such as with a foam.
4. Once the water line is filled with the cleaning and disinfecting solution, close the valve; keep the disinfectant in the line for more than 24 hours, as recommended by the manufacturer.
5. After a period of time, rinse the water line.
6. After the water line is cleaned, disinfected and rinsed, the incoming water source must be fresh and must be purified.
7. Remove scale.
8. Keep the water line clean.

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