The awareness that chicken farmers need to have

Nowadays, the market demand for eggs is very large, so the breeding of laying hens and broilers is a popular item in the breeding industry, but farmers may not be able to make money. Only when all aspects are scientific and reasonable, egg broilers can grow better. To bring better benefits to farmers. Otherwise, blind chicken farming will only make farmers lose money.

1. Technology awareness: Scientific and reasonable chicken raising technology is the key to the whole breeding process. Only scientifically and rationally manage the chickens, and raising the chickens will enable the farmers to remain invincible in the process of breeding, whether it is to choose chickens or to feed, or choose chicken cages, chicken farming equipment, and important feeding management, disease prevention and control are inseparable from science and technology, scientific methods and methods.

2. Hygiene disinfection awareness: Nowadays, many farmers' chicken farms are getting bigger and bigger, and people are moving faster. Therefore, the breeding environment of chicken farms is also likely to become bad, and the pollution of various pathogens is increasing. If you don't pay attention, you may get sick and cause economic loss. Therefore, the farmers' awareness of sanitation and disinfection must be carefully rooted in the farmers' awareness. Disinfection should be carried out in every breeding process. Don't neglect it.

3. Consciousness of market forecasting: The demand for egg chicken in the market is the key to determining the profitability of farmers. Therefore, farmers should have the awareness of market forecasting in the process of raising chickens. Especially for the first time users of chicken raising, the prediction is good or bad. The development of breeding confidence in the future, the market forecast is doing well, will lay a solid foundation for your future breeding. Of course, future market forecasts that expand or reduce the size of the aquaculture are also important aspects of farming activities and a very important aspect that determines your access to aquaculture benefits.

4. Scientific management awareness: In the process of breeding, farmers should pay attention to all aspects of scientific management, which is the most important aspect of breeding activities.Only scientific management of all aspects, in order to effectively ensure the safety of egg broiler, give full play to the egg broiler's maximum production performance, to obtain the maximum economic benefits, scientific management awareness of the lack of your breeding is doomed to be unsuccessful!

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