Why is the chicken still sick after disinfection?

Many farmers have blindness in the disinfection process, which makes the disinfection effect unsatisfactory. So why is this happening?

Disinfection is not a diligence, disinfection is a continuous disease prevention work for chicken in chicken farm equipment, so time is best not uninterrupted.

The disinfectant is not properly selected. The disinfectant is too singular. A disinfectant is easy to make the bacteria resistant. The same batch of chicken should use 2-3 kinds of disinfectant alternately. Note: Disinfectants should be selected with different ingredients instead of different trade names. Many disinfectants are synonymous with the same medicine.

The factors affecting disinfection are neglected. Under normal conditions, the temperature of the disinfectant is high and the disinfection effect can be increased. The experiment proves that for every 10 °C increase in the temperature of the disinfectant, the sterilization efficiency is doubled, but the water temperature of the disinfectant is not more than 45 °C. In addition, in the fumigation and disinfection, it is necessary to increase the room temperature to above 20 °C, in order to have a better effect, otherwise the effect is not good (invalid when the room temperature is lower than 16 ° C).

Residues will affect the disinfection effect of the disinfectant. Especially when disinfecting the brooding utensils before entering the chicks, it must be cleaned and disinfected first. It cannot be cleaned and disinfected in one step. Otherwise, the dirt or residual materials will seriously affect the disinfection effect, so that the disinfection is not complete. The concentration of the disinfectant and the concentration of the disinfectant are not as high as possible. If the concentration is too high, it will be wasted, and the second will corrode the equipment. Third, it may cause harm to the chicken.

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