Layer cage raising management points

In winter, the temperature is cold. In order to maintain the temperature inside the house, the majority of farmers use insulation measures such as closing doors and windows. On the one hand, chickens can induce respiratory diseases because they cannot breathe fresh air; on the other hand, chickens are in the air that is not circulating for a long time, and the detoxification of individual chickens will be propagated in a short time, affecting the entire flock. Throughout the outbreak of disease in recent years, it can be found that winter is a high incidence of severe infectious diseases, and farmers should pay high attention. In the third aspect, the chickens maintain a high normal physiological demand, and the feed standard should be adjusted appropriately to meet the chicken population. The need for weight and egg production. Based on the above three reasons, it is recommended that farmers should do the following work during the winter:


1. Chicken cage system

Due to the battery of multiple layers of cages, it is not convenient to catch chickens. The time for laying hens into cages can be extended appropriately. When individual chickens are laying eggs, they should be vaccinated, such as Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, and poultry. Vaccines such as influenza and egg drop syndrome are all exempted.



2. Feed replacement

When the flock's egg production rate reaches 5%, the prenatal feed should be replaced with a peak material. Refueling takes a one-week transition. At this time, the feed should be of good quality and stable in nutrients. Do not replace the finished feed and raw materials at will.


3. Regular antibody testing

Newcastle disease, bird flow induction, regular detection of antibodies, according to the changes in antibodies, timely immunization.


4. Check broken egg, soft egg

Break the eggs and soft-skinned eggs in advance to avoid the flow of eggs in the process, contaminating eggs and conveyor belts.


5. Strengthen the management of laying hens, supplement calcium in the afternoon


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