The importance of light on laying hens

Light is also very important for raising chickens in chicken battery cages . Light stimulation should not be used until the chicken has reached the appropriate weight. If the chickens that are lighter than the body weight standard are stimulated by light, the eggs will be produced less than normal, and the peak eggs will be reduced or the eggs will be dropped during the peak period.

The lighting system from brooding to laying hens should be carefully implemented, and the lighting time cannot be changed at will. The combination of the light system and the feeding system has a better effect, such as reducing the light during the brooding period and limiting the feeding to control the weight and sexual maturity; increasing the light and increasing the nutrient level at the beginning of the egg production to increase the egg production.

When the illumination is increased, it can not exceed 1 hour at a time. The control of the illumination time is mostly controlled by a self-control lamp device-timer or a manual time switch lamp. The control of the light intensity is generally controlled by a voltage transformer, and can also be controlled by replacing the wattage of the lamp. 

When the open house requires manual replenishment of light, it is advisable to add half of the time for manual replenishment to the morning and evening.


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