What should farmers pay attention to when raising chickens in spring?

In the early spring, the climate is relatively cold and changeable. The temperature is high and low, and the cold air and cold currents invade the chickens. Moreover, the low egg production rate and slow growth have become common phenomena in chicken raising. So what do you need to pay attention to in order to raise chickens in chicken battery cages in the spring?
1. Disinfection

In early spring, the temperature is lower and the frequency of bacterial activity declines. However, the climate is still cold and the resistance of chickens is generally weakened. Therefore, if you ignore the disinfection at this time, it will easily lead to disease outbreaks and cause heavy losses.

Therefore, we must pay attention to disinfection work, and we must not be sloppy.

2. Keep warm

In the early spring and early evening, the temperature difference is large and the weather changes rapidly. It brings a lot of inconvenience to the chickens, especially the low temperature affects the chickens very obviously, especially the cold.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the feeding density can be appropriately increased, the doors and windows can be closed, the straw curtains can be added, the warm water and the stove can be warmed to maintain the cold insulation. If the temperature is increased by the coal stove, the gas poisoning should be closely observed.

3. Ventilation

Ventilation is an important issue in raising chicken! While keeping warm, it is also necessary to ensure that the house has fresh air circulation. Correct handling of the relationship between insulation and ventilation is very important for raising chickens in spring.

Due to the low temperature in spring and the high density of feeding, the emphasis on the insulation of the house is often neglected by ventilation and ventilation, which can easily lead to air pollution in the house and a large number of germs. Long-term inhalation of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide in chickens can easily lead to high incidence of diseases such as E. coli and chronic respiratory diseases. Therefore, ventilation can not be ignored.

4. Disease prevention

According to the analysis of spring weather, temperature difference and climate, we can easily see that spring chickens are prone to chronic respiratory diseases, avian influenza, and spring festivals are also easy to stimulate fascia disease. Therefore, we must do a good job in chicken disease prevention. Once the condition is discovered, take measures as early as possible to minimize losses.

The resistance of chickens in spring is declining, and the prevention and treatment of chicken diseases cannot be ignored. It is necessary to regularly vaccinate the flocks. According to the actual situation, targeted feeding of preventive drugs, appropriate increase in the content of vitamins and trace elements in the feed, enhance the body of the chicken, improve the immunity of the chicken, so as to improve the breeding efficiency.

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