The orientation principle of chicken farm construction

Farm building orientation, a lot of people say "facing south" well, actually, in the actual henhouse built, not all the chicken coop according to this law to determine the chicken head, because of the construction of the hen house area is different, the seat of the sunshine duration and the ventilation rate is different, in order to build a convenient for management and production of chicken, chicken orientation choice should be carried out according to the following two principles.


1. The principle of cold and heat.To avoid the cold and summer is to avoid the sun in the summer to the chicken coop, winter and can have good access to the sun.For example, in the north, it is cold in winter and the chicken coop is oriented towards the south. In winter, the sunlight is inclined to shoot, which can make full use of the temperature of solar radiation for cold insulation. In summer, it can also avoid direct sunlight to the chicken coop, causing heat stress to the chickens.The chicken coop that slants south is preferred with southwest direction, such can lengthen the time of illumination in winter, summer also is helpful for ventilated fall heat.



2. Maintain a 30-60 degree Angle with the dominant wind direction.We all know the importance of chicken farm ventilation in the breeding process, so the direction of the chicken farm must consider the wind direction.According to the findings, the size of the chicken coop ventilation, depending on the Angle of wind into the chicken coop.If the wind direction Angle is 0 degrees, the wind into the chicken house is directly through the chicken house, is not conducive to winter cold insulation;If the wind direction is 90 degrees, the wind is not easy to enter the chicken coop, the ventilation effect will be poor, the airport to remove harmful gas, epidemic prevention and other adverse.According to professional experience, with the dominant wind direction into 30 degrees to 60 degrees Angle to the best direction of the chicken farm, can not only avoid draught, but also conducive to epidemic prevention. Select suitable poultry farming equipment to facilitate daily operation and management.

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