How to improve the chick survival rate

Only the survival rate of chicks can increase the economic efficiency of the farmers, otherwise it will cause great losses to the economic benefits of the farmers. What are the methods to increase the survival rate of the chicks?

1. First, choose chickens in regular factories, and choose chickens with good health and no bad performance. Avoid chickens that are thin and have no spirit.

2. Water is a very important factor for chicks. After the chicks are out of the shell for 12 hours, they should be provided with clean drinking water in time. So as not to cause death.

3. It is necessary to reasonably arrange the density of chicks in poultry farming equipment for sale. Too much or too little is not good. The reasonable density of common chicks is: 0-4 weeks old, 20-25 per square meter; 5-7 weeks old is 10 -20 only.

4. Scientific illumination, the illumination time is 24 hours at 0-3 days old, 16-19 hours at 4-14 days old, and can be taken care of after 15 days of age.

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