Advantages of ventilation in the house

When raising chickens in chicken farm equipment, a reasonable ventilation can bring a lot of advantages, and bring a comfortable environment to the chickens. Since many farmers' houses are closed, the ventilation of the breeding equipment is mechanized. Ventilation, fan ventilation can better discharge the harmful gases from the house to the house.


In the ventilation of the house using the fan of the breeding equipment, the fresh air outside the house can be discharged into the house to provide enough air for the chickens in the house to meet the oxygen needs of many chickens. The temperature in summer is very high, and the temperature of the house is also very high. The high temperature affects the normal growth of the chicken. The ventilation of the equipment fan can effectively reduce the temperature of the house. The ventilation before and after ventilation can adjust the temperature inside the house to ensure the temperature inside the house. The temperature is even before and after, staying up late, day and night, giving the chicken a temperature suitable for its growth and reproduction.


Ventilation with natural winds sometimes fails to achieve the desired results, so the daily wind speed and weather are different, but the use of equipment fans can be stabilized by mechanized ventilation, which can effectively control the effective efficiency of the house. Temperature, humidity and wind speed keep the environment within the house relatively stable and there will be no large fluctuations. In the chicken house, because cages are used to raise chickens, there will always be harmful gases, which will affect the growth and production of chickens. By relying on the fan of the breeding equipment, it can effectively reduce the dust and moisture in the house and reduce the harmful gases in the house. .


The advantage of these chicken ventilation is that the fan is the necessary environmental control equipment for the chickens, which can greatly help the farmers and create a comfortable environment for the chickens.


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