The important role of chicken environment


Chicken raising is not only a very simple matter in poultry cage equipment, but also the role of the environment. Sometimes a good environment will also affect the growth and development of chickens. The environmental factors are environmental stress, including the temperature of the house, ventilation, and density. , high temperature, low temperature, high wind, dust, fog, etc. caused by light, feeding methods, equipment and the environment.

For example, the harmful gas in the chicken house that we often see exceeds the standard, which will cause respiratory diseases. The heat preservation, ventilation, lighting and equipment of the chicken house are all guarantees for the health of the chickens. The temperature and humidity in the chicken house will be balanced. It has a decisive role in the health of chickens in the early feeding of chickens.


The digestive system and respiratory system can induce a variety of viral diseases and bacterial diseases under overload conditions. Bacterial excess of some feed ingredients directly causes intractable diarrhea. Long-term failure to recover leads to a decrease in the body's resistance and induces a chain of certain viral diseases. The outbreaks of some diseases have followed the outbreak of bad weather, which is caused by the external environment.


Poor environmental factors will bring stress to the chickens, affect the normal activities of the chickens, affect the growth and development of the body, reduce the body's immune function, increase the probability of infection of the body, and hinder the growth and development of the chickens. The neuroticism caused by excessive light is excitatory, easy to be shocked, the feed conversion rate is increased, and the anal fistula is induced.

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