How to improve air quality in the house

To do a good job in the environmental control of the chicken poultry cages for sale, we must start from the two aspects of static environmental control factors and production environmental management factors, and poor ventilation is the source of all diseases, so we must first solve the ventilation problem.

1, implement forced ventilation

Due to the relatively small wind speed of natural ventilation, it is not possible to discharge some microbial dust, and it can not discharge all kinds of harmful gases quickly. Therefore, for intensive and high-density feeding methods, mechanical forced ventilation must be adopted. Otherwise, diseases will be caused. Serious consequences.

2, the contradiction between winter insulation and ventilation

Insulation and ventilation in winter are a difficult part of environmental control. Whether this contradiction is properly solved is directly related to the extent of chicken morbidity, mortality and production level in the autumn, winter and spring. In the heat preservation of the chicken house, the ventilation should be taken into consideration, and mutual coordination and organic integration should be achieved. When the temperature is slightly lower, the ventilation is more important, and the heat preservation is taken into consideration; when the temperature is very low, the insulation is heavy, and the ventilation is taken into consideration. The relationship between the two should be adjusted in the temperature change to ensure the fresh and clean air quality and maintain a good temperature. The temperature inside the house. At the same time, the ventilation control solves the temperature change caused by the occurrence of cold current in the winter, autumn and winter alternate seasons.

3, Solve the wind speed in the house

Appropriate wind speed can make the chicken feel comfortable, and it is beneficial to the performance of chicken production and the improvement of feed conversion rate. When the temperature is high and the density is high, the heat protection will increase the body temperature of the chicken, while the chicken has no sweat gland. It is easy to produce a feeling of extremely uncomfortable, and there is a phenomenon of mouth breathing, etc., and the airflow speed generated by the ventilation can help the chicken body to destroy the thermal protective layer to discharge heat and lower the temperature inside the house. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the chickens in a comfortable state with the heat dissipation function of the temperature, the reduction of harmful gases in the house, and the guarantee of air quality.

In short, thoroughly solving the problems in ventilation is an important part of improving the biosafety and epidemic prevention system; firstly, solving the ventilation problem can effectively solve the problems of temperature, microbial dust, harmful gas, humidity, density and oxygen supply. The effects of flocks are achieved in order to achieve environmental control and reduce chicken stress. Only to create a comfortable and safe living environment for chickens, to ensure the steady improvement of chicken health and production levels.

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