Development trend of caged layer chicken breeding technology

1. Analysis and research on the breeding of resistant breeds of laying hens

Breeding and improving the breeds of laying hens in order to achieve a better adaptation to the cage-fed method, so that the cultured varieties can be matched with the breeding methods. Based on the following two theories, one is the theory of quantitative genetics, the other is the theory of molecular genetics, combined with the most advanced biotechnology in China, and then breeds to breed high-inherited hybrid matching lines.
2. Research on the development of healthy breeding techniques for laying hens

The feeding mode of laying hens was studied to explore the effects on various aspects of laying hens, such as the production performance of laying hens and the quality of laying hens. Explore the characteristics of different chicken species and develop breeding techniques that are compatible with them. Explore the cultivation methods of cage laying hens in different climatic regions and develop their supporting equipment. Research and development of environmentally friendly mobile chicken houses.

3. Analysis and research on micro-environment monitoring of laying hens

Reform the environment of chicken house breeding and implement a digital monitoring system. Research on the intelligent control technology of the chicken house environment and establish a remote video monitoring and early warning system. Develop a chicken house cooling facility for farmers.



4. Analysis and research on feed feeding technology of laying hens

The feeding behavior of laying hens was studied to understand the feeding behavior characteristics of laying hens. The feeding mode of laying hens was analyzed and analyzed. According to the development and changes of the times, computer technology was gradually applied to feed the laying hens.

5. Analysis and research on disease control technology of laying hens

In order to carry out in-depth research on the epidemic prevention technology of laying hen farms, it is necessary to improve the immunity of laying hens from the following aspects: the first is to conduct research on molecules and cells, and the second is to analyze from the dose-effect relationship. Research on these aspects to improve the cell structure stability of laying hens. In the production process of laying hens, Salmonella infections are often encountered. In the future cage laying culture techniques, technical research to avoid contamination of laying hens should be strengthened.

6. Analysis and research on control technology for cleaner production

In the development trend of using layer chicken cages for breeding, the rapid detection technology of the manure source and organic pollutants in the house will be gradually analyzed. Analyze and study the prevention and control technologies that may cause harmful gases in cage laying hens, and create a good environment for cage laying hens to better realize the clean production of cage laying hens.

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