How to manage free-range chicken

The advantage of raising free-range chickens is that the free-range chickens grow slowly, the range of activities is large, the meat quality and egg taste are better, the market demand is getting bigger and bigger, and the number and quantity of artificial feeding are reduced, and the feed cost is reduced, but How should the free-range chickens be managed?


1, The first is the choice of address, try to choose the area with a flat mountainside, convenient drainage, the area that the sun can shine as a chicken house. Sunlight has a good bactericidal effect and can reduce the occurrence of many bacterial diseases. Where the rainy season is relatively long, it is necessary to pay attention to the waterproofing of the house, deepen the drainage ditch or adopt the net in the chicken house to reduce the rest of the flocks at night on the wet ground, and the incidence rate increases. If the night is wet and cold, the situation of getting together and dying will occur, and it will not be worth the candle.

2,Water is an indispensable factor in the process of raising chickens. The water source must be clean. Otherwise it will cause intestinal problems in the chicken.

3, Choose a good location, build a site, choose the site, to facilitate the entry of feed also need to pay attention to the common diseases of the free-range chicken at various stages, to prevent and control, in order to improve the survival rate.

4, Chicken disease is also an inevitable factor, such as chicken cold catch, chicken poultry equipment for sale insulation is not good, weather changes and cooling, etc., will lead to a cold in the free-range chicken.


The weather is cooled. Pay attention to the wind around the house to keep warm. During the day, the cover can be uncovered and the house can be ventilated. Block at night to prevent cold. In the evening, the temperature of the house is too low, it can be cut off, the space can be reduced to maintain the heat, or the heating method can be used to give the sick chicken a relatively comfortable environment, which helps the chicken disease to recover and reduces the death of trampling at night.

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