Method of reducing the temperature of the house

In the summer, raise the chicken to pay attention to the temperature change in poultry cage equipment. When the temperature is too high, pay attention to how to change the temperature of the house.

1, water spray cooling

When the temperature exceeds 32 °C, cold water can be sprayed on the top of the chicken house with a high-pressure rotary atomizer, and the chicken body can be cooled by cold water spray, generally reducing the temperature by 5 to 6 °C.

2, set the insulation layer

Insulation layer is set on the roof of the laying house, the roof frame can be suspended to prevent sun exposure; the bungalow can be covered with a wet grass mat on the roof for heat insulation.

3, ventilation and cooling

The enclosed chicken house can be equipped with a fan or a ceiling fan to enhance ventilation and ventilation, and promote heat dissipation of the chicken body. Longitudinal ventilation can obtain better ventilation and ventilation effect than horizontal ventilation, and is an effective means to slow down heat stress. The wind speed in summer is 1 ~ 1. 2 m / s is appropriate. Longitudinal ventilation combined with wet curtain cooling to prevent heat stress is better. The open house can open all doors and windows to promote air circulation. The best way to relieve heat stress in laying hens is to spray water to lower the body temperature of the chicken.

4, set up a pergola

Some fast-growing broad-leaved trees are planned to be planted around the chicken house. It is also possible to set up awnings on the outside of the chicken house, planting vines, grapes and other creeping plants to protect the summer.

5, painted white paint

Use white paint or 60% lime milk to whiten the walls and top of the house to the sun, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the house.

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