What type of layer chicken cage makes it more convenient for farmers?

With the development of industrial technology, automatic chicken raising equipment has also been updated, which is more convenient and suitable for breeding users. At present, the most widely used is the layered layer cage, which has been used by many users, and the feedback is very good.



  1. The frame of the A-type four-tierlayer cage is generally made of 40*40*4 angle iron welded by hot-dip galvanizing process. The special welding tool used does not need to worry about inconsistent sizes. The bottom of the frame can be additionally supported. After installation, the overallpoultry chicken cages has a high straightness and the stability of the equipment is also greatly improved.


  1. It is recommended that farmers choose a trough made of PVC material, which is resistant to corrosion, and can also adjust the height of the trough according to the size and height of the laying hens. The characteristic of the trough is that it is made into a beveled design, there is no residual material, no waste, and it is convenient for laying hens to eat.


  1. The four-tier battery layer cages is produced by automatic welding of zinc-aluminum alloy wire. The surface of the laying hen cage is smooth and will not scratch the laying hens, and it is made into a mesh type, which can effectively prevent the injury of the chicken feet. The separation net and bottom net of the layer chicken cage are encrypted to prevent the pecking of the feathers and anus between the laying hens, reducing the egg breaking rate of the laying hens and the fatigue syndrome of the laying hens.


The above is the four-tier battery layer cage shared by poultry equipment manufacturers, which is the most suitable for farmers. It has the characteristics of long use time, corrosion resistance, smooth chicken cage mesh, and will not scratch chicken feet. Welcome to come to consult.


Poultry equipment manufacturers teach you the precautions for raising laying hens


Poultry equipment manufacturers found that some farmers believe that laying hens are becoming more and more difficult to raise. Now that the market situation is uncontrollable, it is also possible to improve chicken raising technology. More benefits can be obtained. Below, I will tell you about the precautions for raising laying hens, so as to increase the income of the chicken farm.


First of all, in the process of using automatic chicken raising equipment to raise laying hens, attention should be paid to the quality of eggs, especially raising chickens should not be neglected for the benefit of chicken farms, affecting survival. Chicken ratio. It will cause the loss of economic benefits of the chicken farm. Therefore, when raising chickens, they should be carefully fed as required to improve the survival rate of chickens and make them grow healthily.


In addition, when using the battery cage system to breed laying hens, attention should be paid to the use of drugs and epidemic prevention. In the process of raising laying hens, if the chickens are found to be sick, they should be treated in time to allow the chickens to grow healthily. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job in the protection of the flock to prevent the spread of the virus from affecting the growth of broilers.


The above are the precautions for raising laying hens analyzed by poultry equipment manufacturers. In addition to the above points, when raising laying hens, you also need to pay attention to the nutritional issues of the feed.


Advantages of Automatic Poultry and Chicken Equipment in Ghana

In the process of opening the gates of poultry breeding project in Ghana, there are many advantages of using automated chicken breeding equipment for breeding work. Below, I will take you to understand.


First of all, using the battery cage system in Ghana to carry out breeding work in Ghana can effectively reduce the cost of artificial breeding and improve the efficiency of breeding. Common chicken breeding equipment includes automatic egg collection equipment, automatic drinking water equipment, automatic feeding equipment, automatic cleaning equipment. Manure equipment, automatic temperature control equipment and automatic control equipment, therefore, the use of the above equipment provides more convenience for Ghanaian farmers.


Secondly, the use of chicken raising equipment for breeding can provide a good growth environment for the chicken house. The use of this equipment in the growth process of chickens can reduce the contact with manure, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of various diseases.



In addition, the use of automatic poultry equipment can effectively reduce the waste of feed. The use of automatic feeding equipment can feed the chickens according to the usual eating habits of the flocks, which can not only make the chickens grow healthily, but also reduce the waste of feed.


The above are the many advantages of using poultry farming equipment to raise chickens. I hope that after understanding the advantages of this equipment, you can arrange for your own farms, thus providing more convenience for your own farms.


The important role of baking soda in poultry farming

With the widespread use of automatic poultry cage systems, chickens are well taken care of, but there are some simple tricks that can help chicks convert feed well. For example, adding sodium bicarbonate to the diet or drinking water can improve feed intake and growth rate of broilers raised at high temperatures. Measurements of the retention of dietary or cation-anion balance or dietary electrolyte balance do not satisfactorily predict growth and/or feed conversion responses in broilers at elevated temperatures. The improvement in body weight does not appear to be associated with an increase in body water retention.


Dietary supplementation of various levels of NaHCO3

 Antibody titers against Newcastle disease were increased in chickens housed in battery chicken cages compared to diets not supplemented with Newcastle disease. Environmental stressors are known to directly or indirectly affect host immunity and innate resistance. Therefore, the increased antibody titers against Newcastle disease virus in flocks fed diets containing different levels of NaHCO3 may be due to lower body temperature or lower cortisol concentrations in these birds compared to controls Less heat stress, or both.


An increase in dietary electrolyte balance may lead to a decrease in the ratio of heterophile to lymphocytes in the blood, resulting in an increase in antibody titers. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that dietary supplementation of NaHCO3 may increase antibodies in poultry and reduce chicken sickness.


Supplementation of NaHCO3 to the laying hens showed higher protein digestibility in these flocks compared to controls. Protein consumed by birds is broken down into its constituent amino acids by certain enzymes in the digestive tract before being absorbed, and most of these amino acids require sodium for this process. Therefore, the increase in protein digestibility in the treatment group may be due to the presence of higher sodium ion concentrations in diets containing sodium bicarbonate.


Problem Description Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), also known as baking soda, is 27.09% sodium, 71.91% bicarbonate, and contains no chlorides. It is an FDA-approved and "Generally Recognized as Safe" feed ingredient. Sodium bicarbonate is described as "a special ingredient because it provides sodium, beneficially affects blood pH, and provides beneficial bicarbonate.


The above is the important role of baking soda shared by poultry equipment manufacturers to promote digestion and enhance antibodies in the process of raising laying hens or broilers.


Tips to increase chicken and egg sales

The widespread use of battery cage systems has expanded the number of poultry farming, and has also received government support and social attention. But for poultry farmers, raising poultry is one aspect, and paying attention to selling chicken and eggs is also an important aspect. You are not raising chickens for household use after all. Then enough attention must be paid to the marketing side of the business.

Methods of selling poultry

  1. Bulk sales. Most of your poultry farmers rely on middlemen to help sell their products. They sell in bulk to other people, who in turn sell to consumers. If you want to sell faster then you should proactively find customers to sell poultry. This allows you to sell to retailers in addition to wholesalers.
  2. Do business online. Today, the power of websites is very powerful. A large percentage of people use the internet every day, and if you want your business to thrive, you can't turn a blind eye to the internet. Your social media accounts are a great place to promote your business and increase product awareness.
  3. Become a supplier to hotels and restaurants. Write a great proposal with well thought out incentives that you can send to hotel and restaurant managers. Proposed to be their main poultry meat and egg supplier. Foods made from poultry or eggs are always on the menu in hotels and restaurants, and they have to get their eggs from somewhere. You can help them get a regular supply of fresh eggs without stress.
  4. Feed your bird. Yes, this is also a very important marketing concept. When you feed your birds well, they produce quality eggs. This is exactly what consumers like. If you want your product to be the first choice of consumers, then you must pay attention to the quality of the product you produce and your poultry farming; this means paying attention to supplementing your poultry, because good food equals good eggs and good chicken.

The above is what poultry equipment manufacturers share with poultry farmers on how to sell chicken and eggs more efficiently. From four aspects, I hope that every poultry farmer can obtain considerable benefits and be more confident in poultry farming. Live a better life with your family.

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