Can automated brooding chicken cages better raise chickens?

Buying best automatic pullet chicken cages are the key to raising chicks. The quality of chicks raising has a lot to do with the brooding cage. It not only affects the growth and survival rate of chicks, but also affects the economic benefits of farmers in the later period. Therefore, breeders should select and rationally use brooding chicken cages.


Create a suitable temperature for the growth of chicks. The body temperature regulation function of the chicks is not perfect. Therefore, their ability to adapt to the environment is relatively poor. The disease resistance is relatively weak, and the immune function is relatively poor. Such chicks are very susceptible to disease. The suitable temperature of the three-dimensional chicken coop is a necessary condition. The state of the chicks will be better.



A disinfection tank should be set up at the entrance and exit of the Li Sports young cage. In order to ensure strict disinfection of entering and exiting chicken coops, to prevent the occurrence of flock diseases. The simplest method is to put an appropriate amount of disinfectant of a certain concentration in a plastic basin and place it at the entrance of the Li Sports young cage. Clean the Li Sports young cage every day and spray the chickens for disinfection.


Appropriate light can promote the feeding, drinking and exercise of the chicks. Conducive to the growth and development of chicks. To achieve the purpose of rapid weight gain. In production practice, brooding cages generally adopt a combination of natural light and incandescent light. The principle of light supply is: 24 hours light is best for the first 3 days. From the 3rd day to 2 weeks of age, 15 hours of light. After that, it will gradually decrease by 2 hours per week and gradually transition to natural light. Use natural light after 4 weeks. In order to prevent the excessive activity of the chicken with too strong light, the pecking addiction occurs.


The brooding cage also has an automatic drinking water system. Provide clean and sufficient water for the chicks. Can make the chicks grow up healthily.


How can farmers reduce the cost of raising chickens

When the chickens were first raised, the farmers had to pay a relatively high cost. In particular, poultry breeding equipment is also needed to raise chickens. So now many farmers are looking for ways to efficiently raise chickens and reduce costs. This can reduce some investment. Make the efficiency of the chicken farm better.




1. The peak egg production of high-yield chickens raised by farmers generally lasts for more than 4 months. Therefore, farmers need to pay attention to high-level feed nutrition should be appropriately extended to maintain time. In the breeding process, we can adjust the feed formula in time according to the growth stage. After the high yield, farmers can reduce the amount of high-protein chicken feed according to the decline of the laying rate of the laying hens to avoid nutrient waste.


2. Farmers should pay attention to the feeding method when feeding. Should choose the method of giving less frequently. Or use automated poultry feeding equipment. The purpose of this is to let the chickens eat the chicken feed in the trough as much as possible, so as to prevent excessive feed in the trough, which will cause mold and deterioration, resulting in waste. In addition, farmers should also pay attention to the chicken feed and The storage of feed ingredients to avoid rats, etc.


3. In the stage of raising chicks, farmers will cut their beaks in order to avoid bad habits such as habit among the chickens. In addition, cutting the beaks can also save feed and prevent the beak from being too long to peck out the feed. Chickens with constant beaks can save about 6% of chicken feed, and experienced workers can be arranged to beaked at 7-9 days of age for laying hens.


4. Farmers should pay close attention to the chicken flocks during normal feeding and management. If diseased chickens, weak chickens, low-yielding chickens, or discontinued chickens are found, they should be eliminated in time. Some farmers are often unable to make the determination to eliminate them, and as a result, chicken feed is wasted.

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