Cooling heatstroke prevention for chickens in summer

In summer, the weather is hot and the feed intake of chickens is reduced, which in turn affects egg production rate, egg weight and broiler production speed. Here are some ways to prevent and cool down the summer chickens for your reference.


1. Greening and cooling: Planting vines such as creepers around the chicken house, allowing them to climb the wall and roof of the chicken house not only to block the strong sunlight, but also to reduce the indoor temperature due to the air flow between the leaves and the wall.

2. Spray cooling: spray cooling in the chicken house spray cooling effect is obvious, but easy to increase humidity, not suitable for use in high temperature and high humidity.

3. Fan cooling: Install a certain number of fans at a certain distance in the house. When the temperature inside the house rises, turn on the fan, but the noise is louder, but it will cause chicken stress.

4. Water curtain cooling: The water curtain cooling is to use the fan negative pressure system and the water curtain to cooperate, artificially reproduce the physical process of evaporation and cooling of the natural water, which can make the air in the chicken house fresh and the temperature is suitable. However, the price of the house with the curtain cooling is higher.

5. Cooling of the insulation layer: Enhance the heat insulation capacity of the roof and the wall, reduce the solar radiant heat entering the house; set up a sunshade net or awning outside the window to prevent direct sunlight from illuminating the flock.

The area of the tuyere and roof skylight can also reduce the temperature of the house

6. Improve the internal and external environment of the chicken house: The chicken house will insist on removing the feces every day, reducing the heat production of the manure in the house; improving the ventilation conditions and increasing the area of the vents and roof skylights. Doing a good job of environmental greening around the chicken house can not only reduce radiant heat, but also absorb carbon dioxide, reduce the density of dust, and purify the air inside and outside the house.

7. Drug cooling: Vitamin C is the best medicine for heatstroke prevention and cooling, and it is recommended to double the amount in summer.

8. Reduce the stocking density of chickens in chicken battery cages.


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