Broiler cage manufacturers talk about the key points of chicken house ventilation

In the process of raising chickens in chicken farm equipment, the ventilation work of the chicken house is indispensable. Farmers must pay attention to the ventilation work of the chicken house. Reasonable ventilation can eliminate harmful gases in the chicken house, such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and other gases. Existence will seriously affect the healthy growth and production of broiler chickens. Ventilation can also circulate fresh air from the outside to the house. Ventilation has an impact on the health, growth and production performance of each flock. Let’s talk about the house Some points about ventilation.


1. Summer ventilation: The higher the relative humidity in the environment, the greater the possibility of causing heat stress to the chicken, and the temperature of the chicken body will increase as the heat accumulates. If the chicken can not be released from the high fever, its body temperature will continue to rise, which will cause the chicken's appetite to decline and egg production to stop, which will lead to the death of the chicken. The growth and production performance of broilers and laying hens are closely related to their comfort level. Flock density helps reduce heat stress caused by heat, improves chicken comfort, and thus improves production performance




2. Winter ventilation: fanless open chicken house: natural ventilation uses temperature differences, relative humidity and natural air flow to remove excess heat and moisture. However, factors such as the daily temperature of the outside world, the direction of the wind and the direction of the sun are constantly changing, so if the farmers use natural air for ventilation, they will not be able to achieve the effect, so if the farmers do not need to exhaust fans, It is recommended that the farmer's chicken coop should be built on a slope to facilitate air circulation.


In winter, closed chicken house farmers should close the water curtain equipment, only need to use the fan equipment, farmers can choose to use a fixed clock to control the operation of the fan, in this way, the chicken house can achieve thermal insulation while achieving The purpose of ventilation is to provide a comfortable growth environment for the flock in chicken battery cages .

The above is the summary of the chicken house ventilation. I hope the above description can help you. If you have other questions and want to consult, you can send us an email. We will contact you as soon as we receive the email. 


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