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How to control the temperature of laying hen breeding?

In summer, the temperature is high, and chickens are warm-blooded animals and cannot cool down by themselves. This requires farmers to purchase some ventilation equipment to raising chicken or take some additional measures to cool the chicken house.

Spray water to cool down. Farmers can often use cold water to moisten the temperature. When the temperature exceeds 32°C, farmers can use the spray camera to spray cold water on the walls to cool down.

Improve the environment around the chicken house. The chicken coop was built in a place with lots of trees. In this way, it should be shaded during the day. The farmers also painted the walls of the chicken coop white. It can be achieved using the principle of heat absorption. The chicken coop carries out a special purpose.

Strengthen ventilation management. Good ventilation is an important measure to ensure the environment in the chicken house. In summer, farmers need to make full use of automatic environmental control systems. For example: fan. wet curtains, wind measuring windows, etc. You can also open the doors and windows of the chicken house and other measures to cool the chicken house. This can ensure maximum air circulation in the chicken house, thereby reducing the temperature in the house.

Provide sufficient, clean and safe water. The moisture content of eggs is relatively large. Adult chickens drink more water, especially in summer, usually about 300 mL per day. Drinking water has a great influence on the egg production rate of chickens, especially in summer. The higher the egg production rate, the greater the water requirement. If farmers want to increase the egg production rate, they must also increase the amount of water they drink. Only in this way can the laying rate of breeders be guaranteed. Due to the large amount of drinking water for chickens, farmers must regularly monitor the water quality to ensure the safety and health of the chicken drinking water.