The correct management method of layer battery cages for raising chickens

The method of raising chickens in layer battery cages has been recognized by many farmers. This kind of breeding method not only has a small area, but also can effectively use the space. So as to promote the income of farmers. However, some farmers have some problems in management, and we will discuss them today.


Farmers should clean and maintain equipment on time. It is recommended to fill the gear with lubricating oil once a month. The exhaust system should be adjusted according to different worlds. Clean the rotating gears of the machine to ensure the normal and effective operation of the machine. In this way, the service life of the equipment can be guaranteed.


When machinery and equipment are in operation, it is forbidden to personally observe the operation and operation of machinery and equipment and open related maintenance holes for maintenance. When carrying out inspections, overhauls and maintenance, workers must ensure that the power switch is turned off. And ban the power switch, otherwise it may cause more serious accidents.



If the feeder does not move. It may be that the motor is destroyed. At this time, you can rotate the feeder, tighten the rope, adjust the position of the limit switch, calibrate and replace, and then disassemble and replace the motor.


If the broken egg rate is high. It may be that the chicken is pecking the egg, the egg shell is thin, the egg claw of the automatic egg collection system is broken, the raw egg rolled from the cage on the net and the raw egg carried by the egg collide, and the raw egg from the automatic egg collection machine The egg clashes with the raw egg on the middle egg net. At this time, farmers can find out the corresponding problems. The following methods can be adopted: change the feed formula, find the broken egg claws and replace them, apply the egg blocking line, adjust the height-to-width ratio of the egg picker, and make it cache.

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