Introduction to the common ways of raising chickens

With the continuous development of the breeding industry, modern automated poultry breeding equipment is now widely used. The equipment provides heating equipment, ventilation equipment, water supply equipment, feeding equipment, egg collection equipment, feces cleaning equipment and other functions, saving manpower, convenient and fast. However, there are also different feeding methods, which are briefly introduced in the following editor.


  • Litter flat rearing

It is suitable for dry climate areas, and the chicken raising equipment is used to raise chickens, chickens, broilers or breeders. The chicken house uses a concrete floor, and bedding such as grass shells, sand, broken stems or sawdust on the floor of the chicken house. Chicks live on the bed, but they are usually unclear. After a feeding cycle, the bedding and chicken manure are removed together. This breeding method requires less investment, fast construction, and less equipment. However, crows are in direct contact with feces and are susceptible to chicken diseases and require more bedding and labor. In recent years, this type of financing has gradually decreased.

  •  Online flat raising

Galvanized nets, wooden strips or bamboo strips are placed in the chicken body 60 cm above the ground to form a grid bed, and the chickens live on the net. Chicken manure falls to the ground through nets or grilles and can be cleaned manually or mechanically on a regular basis. It is suitable for chicken and broiler breeding, but the grille and metal are easily corroded, and it is difficult to observe the living conditions of the chicken. Advantages: reduce the contact between chickens and feces, and the chicken bed is dry and hygienic.

  • Battery cages of raising chicken

Poultry battery chicken cages to raise chickens is the current and trend of raising chickens. It can not only use the space of the chicken coop to a greater extent, but also save manpower and material resources for the farmers. With the use of auxiliary equipment, farmers can raise chickens more easily.


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