Cage layer healthy breeding technology

The main features of caged laying hens

1. Easy to manage

At present, most of the laying hen farms have a large scale, and the number of laying hens has a certain scale, and the caged way helps to manage. Farmers can place a large number of laying hens in cages for feeding, which is convenient for sanitation and also helps daily management.

2. The health status of the laying hen is better.

In the process of laying hens, the caged method can help the hens to receive timely treatment when they are sick, and the way of cages can make the treatment difficult to a large extent. Therefore, adopting a caged approach helps to ensure the health of the laying hen.

3. Feeding is more convenient
The way in which the laying hens are caged can, to a certain extent, reduce the workload of the farmers so that they can be raised collectively. In addition, the scientific feeding mechanism is beneficial to the operation.



4. Helps preserve eggs

One of the biggest advantages of using layer battery cages is that the design of the cages is highly specialized. After the laying hens lay eggs, the eggs will automatically roll out of the chicken cages, and the eggs that enter the chicken cages can be collected in time to prevent them from being broken.

5. Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment is mainly the light automatic controller can turn on and off the lights on time. At present, China has produced a chicken house light controller. The electronic display light controller is better. The characteristics are as follows: (1) The switching time can be set arbitrarily and the timing is accurate. (2) The light intensity can be adjusted, and the daylight intensity is insufficient during the illumination time, and the supplementary illumination system is automatically activated. (3) The light is getting brighter and darker. (4) The power outage procedure is not disordered.

6. Ventilation equipment

The function of the ventilation device is to discharge the dirty air, moisture and excess heat in the house, while replenishing fresh air. Nowadays, the general house ventilation is a large-diameter, low-speed axial fan.

7. Water curtain fan cooling system

The main function of the water curtain fan cooling system is that the summer air enters the house through the water curtain, which can reduce the temperature of the air entering the house and reduce the temperature. The water curtain fan cooling system consists of a paper corrugated porous water curtain, a water curtain cooling fan, a water circulation system and a control device. In summer, the air enters the house through the water curtain to reduce the temperature inside the house by 5 to 8 °C.

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