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About the management of large-scale chicken farms in summer

The hot and hot summer season has come, and there are many chickens that die from hot and hot conditions. This is also related to the lack of management. How can we avoid it?


1. For the refreshing drinking water, the hot summer needs more water for both humans and animals. Usually, a chicken needs to drink 150 to 30 milliliters of water a day, and summer is three to four times that of winter. Therefore, provide more cool water in the summer, and pay attention to timely replacement to keep the water clean.

2. Pay attention to sanitation, disinfection and epidemic prevention. Summer is a season where many pests and diseases are easy to breed. At this time, chicken farmers should pay more attention to the hygiene of the chicken farm and timely disinfection. The chicken manure should be cleaned in time, and the chicken farm should be cleaned every week. Disinfect once.

3. Reasonable feed supply, high temperature and hot weather, some chickens even reduce food consumption by more than 30%. Therefore, in order to make up for the lack of intake of nutrients, the diet should be adjusted reasonably in poultry equipment for sale.

4. Strengthen ventilation and ventilation. If there are conditions in the closed house, air conditioning equipment can be installed to reduce the temperature of the house. In general, some measures should be taken before the summer comes, when the hot weather is really coming, then Pay more attention to diet and hygiene.