What can to do when raising chicken?

First of all, we must understand that when we raise chickens, we must refrain from blindly following the trend, choose products that are suitable for ourselves, and raise chickens in chicken battery cages . The chicken disease in the breeding process and the requirements for feeding management are constantly changing, and we cannot master them without raising them. The law of change, the chicken disease in the breeding process, the requirements for feeding and management are constantly changing, and the law of change can not be mastered without frequent maintenance.

In the process of using chicken cage culture, if there is no clear record, all memories, such as feed intake, death rate, medication, etc., are not clearly recorded. There is no digital concept at all when farming, and such aquaculture success rate is small. When breeding, do not blindly pursue the survival rate, but ignore the ratio of meat to meat. The meat content is a large proportion in the process of our breeding.



Timely adjustment of feed nutrition, chickens in different seasons, different ages, the demand for nutrition in the feed is not the same, to reduce the cost of breeding, must be based on the nutritional needs of poultry, timely adjustment of feed nutrition. Appropriate light can stimulate the secretion of hormones from the pituitary gland of the hypothalamus, that is, the secretion of follicle stimulating hormone and growth-promoting hormone, which can greatly help the laying of laying hens and the growth of broilers.


The disinfectant in the chicken cages for sale is too single and the disinfection method is too simple. It is repeated disinfection, and the sanitation in the house is not completely cleaned before disinfection, so that the disinfection work is no different from the non-disinfection. In short, the above situation often occurs in the breeding process. In order to achieve greater economic benefits, it is hoped that all farmers can combine their actual situation with their own chicken farms, seriously strengthen their feeding management, and remain invincible in the micro-raising industry.


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