Precautions for broiler breeding equipment!

Due to the development of broiler genetic breeding technology and the continuous improvement of broiler breeders' feeding technology, broiler breeding has increasingly become an important means for farmers to make a fortune. Broiler farming needs to be simple. For example, plastic greenhouses with small capital investment can be used for broiler farming, so the use of water, electricity and medicine should be reasonable. And all kinds of broiler breeding equipment should pay attention to maintenance to extend its service life, reduce unnecessary waste and reduce the cost of chicken breeding, thereby increasing the economic benefits of broiler breeding.





What should be paid attention to in broiler battery cage system?

1. Density

The density of broiler farming should not be too high, generally according to two-thirds of the actual farming amount.

2. Management

For broilers aged 5-9 days, 12-15 days, and 20-24 days, measures to improve immunity should be taken, and the infection of broiler bursal disease should also be controlled.

3. Expand the group

In the process of raising broilers, attention should be paid to expanding the group in time to ensure the freshness of the air in the chicken house.

4. Temperature

The editor suggests that broiler farmers can take the method of high temperature brooding, because high temperature is conducive to the absorption of the yolk of the young chickens to increase the maternal antibody, and the later
chickens are not prone to illness.

5. Drug addition

Drugs can be added when feeding broilers, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of certain diseases.

6. Light

Since the eyesight of the chicks is weak and the strong light is conducive to the feeding of the chicks, it is necessary to brood the chicks with strong light.

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