The role of different chicken cages in breeding

The most important breeding tool in the breeding process of chickens is chicken coops, which provide a suitable living environment for chickens to ensure healthy growth of chickens. The chicken cages mainly used in the chicken industry are layer cages, broiler cages, and brood cages. In order to enable farmers to have a more comprehensive understanding of these cages, the following will introduce to farmers the role of these cages in the breeding process.


Chicken layer cage: The most important thing in layer breeding is to improve the production performance of the layer and reduce the breakage rate of the eggs. When using laying hens to raise chickens, the amount of activity of the flock will be greatly reduced, so that the conversion rate of chicken feed will be improved, the conversion rate of chicken feed will increase and the production performance of the laying hens will also be improved. Moreover, the angle of the steel wire cage and the bottom net of the layer cage is reasonable, which will greatly reduce the damage rate of the eggs, thereby improving the economic benefits of the farmers in the later period.


Broiler cage: The most important thing in broiler farming is to increase the growth rate of broiler chickens, shorten their breeding period, and increase their weight. The use of broiler cages can limit the activity of broilers, so that the reduction in activity of the flock will increase the feed conversion rate, and the rate of weight gain will also increase. Moreover, the bottom net of the broiler cage is designed with large elasticity and strong density. This can prevent the occurrence of pectoral cystitis and chicken leg disease in the flock, and improve the quality of the broiler.


Brooding cage: The breeding of chicks is the most important stage in the entire breeding process, and the size of the cut chicks is relatively small and sensitive to external changes. The use of brooding cages with dense cage spacing can prevent the chicks from escaping, and the brooding cage can reasonably distribute the breeding density of the chicks, creating a good living environment for the chicks.


The above is the help that the different chicken cages provide to the farmers. It is hoped that through today's introduction, the farmers can have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the cages they use.

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