Precautions for feeding chickens in layer cages

In the process of raising chickens in layer cages, farmers want layers to perform better. In addition to the precautions during daily feeding, feeding work is also very important.


First, don't use raw bean cakes to feed chickens. Protein is an essential nutrient in the body of laying hens. Bean cake farmers know that it is a good protein nutrient feed. However, some of the substances contained in the bean cake will prevent the growth and development of the chicks and affect the laying of eggs. The correct way is to cook the raw beancake to destroy the harmful substances in it. In this way, after the chickens eat, they can develop quickly and lay more eggs.



The second eggshell cannot be fed to the chicken if it is not disinfected. A lot of calcium is needed for eggshell formation. Therefore, calcium is an indispensable nutrient in laying hens. Feeding eggshells is easy to absorb, which can further increase the egg production rate. It can also prevent chickens from getting rickets and laying soft eggs. Therefore, eggshells are very popular among farmers. But eggshells are easy to deteriorate and are not easy to preserve. Farmers need to dry the eggshells, sterilize and store them.


Do not feed chickens to the third raw grain. Many farmers buy raw grains for chickens, which is wrong. This is a waste of food and whether good results have been achieved. Because chickens have no teeth, the digestive tract is relatively short. Food is difficult to digest and cannot meet the nutrient needs of chickens.


The above is the mistake of feeding chickens in the process of using poultry chicken cages to raise chickens. I hope that farmers can pay attention to the above wrong feeding methods after understanding these only. Feed the chickens scientifically and reasonably.

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