What issues should be considered in intensive chicken cages

Now the chicken industry is vigorously promoting intensive and large-scale breeding models. Chicken cage equipment is the basic equipment for intensive breeding. Therefore, many farmers are transforming to cage breeding. Before chicken cages are raised Farmers have to consider many aspects of the problem and cannot proceed blindly. They need to consider the purchase of chicken cages, chicken raising technology and cost, as well as chicken feed and other issues. Only when they are prepared can they not panic in the process of raising chickens.


1. Selection of chicken cage equipment: chicken cage equipment varies according to different types of chickens. There are three types of chicken cage equipment: layer cages, broiler cages, and brooding cages. Farmers need to choose the appropriate type according to their own chicken breeds. The specifications of chicken coops and chicken coops. In addition, you can consult several manufacturers when choosing. Don’t look for cheap, you need to consider high-quality and low-cost equipment. The quality of chicken coops is related to the service life.


2. Chicken raising technology: Reasonable and scientific chicken raising technology is the key to success. Only by learning scientific chicken raising technology, feeding management and other issues can the chickens be better raised, different chickens and different growth stages, The feeding and management required are all different, so farmers must work hard on the technology of raising chickens. Before raising chickens, they must learn and understand the common epidemic diseases of the breeds of chickens, the feed management at each stage, and what feed nutrition is needed. 


3. The cost of raising chickens: This is something that farmers must consider. Only after calculating the cost, can the farmers know how much benefit they have gained after raising the chickens. The cost of raising chickens generally includes: (1) Purchase by the farmers In addition, farmers need to consider the price of chicken cages and other chicken-raising equipment. Generally, the service life of the equipment is more than ten years. Therefore, farmers need to average the cost of the equipment when calculating the cost of the equipment. (2) Feed cost, which is generally more than the total cost of raising chickens; (3) The cost for farmers to purchase chicken fry; (4) The funds for immune disinfection of farmers during the breeding process should also be calculated In the cost; (5) the funds for the treatment of diseases


4. Chicken feed: Feed is the key and foundation to ensure the healthy growth and production of chickens. Therefore, feed is very important. Before raising chickens, farmers can understand the nutritional needs of each stage of the chicken species they want to raise. And the price of feed on the market.




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