How to Disinfect the Chick House?

The chick house should be thoroughly disinfected according to the four-step disinfection method: cleaning, blasting, spraying, and fumigation. First, all the brooding utensils should be moved to the outside for cleaning and aired in the sun, and the house should be cleaned. Chicken layer cages.

Then rinse the floor with 2% caustic soda solution, and then spray the wall, mesh, ground net (iron) with gasoline blowtorch, and then use 2% to 3% caustic soda or 0.2% to 0.5% peracetic acid. Solution spray disinfects walls, nets and ceilings. Finally, every cubic meter of space was fumigated with 15 g of potassium permanganate and 30 ml of formalin. After 72 hours, the doors and windows were opened for ventilation.

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