Misunderstanding of chicken medicine

Due to the lack of corresponding medication knowledge, some farmers have long added oxytetracycline, furazolidone and other drugs to the feed. As a result, the drug accumulates in the chicken body and damages the kidney, causing poisoning. At the same time, it also increases the cost of raising chickens and reduces farming. Economic benefits. Therefore, chicken farmers cannot arbitrarily administer drugs in feed, nor can they use drugs as health supplements or growth promoters for a long time.

After the chicken is sick, relying on his own experience to feed the drug, not only will it be ineffective, it will also delay the best time to cure the disease, and will not achieve the benefits of treatment. After the chicken is sick in Poultry Equipment for Sale, it is necessary to diagnose it in time, find out the cause of the disease, and prescribe the right medicine. Scientific use of drugs to ensure the course of medication, improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Excessive medication: Many chicken farmers believe that the quality of the drug is not guaranteed, increase the dose to ensure the efficacy; others believe that the greater the dose of the drug, the better the treatment effect; but whether it is prevention or treatment of chicken disease, a comprehensive understanding of the drug Active ingredients, drug content, dosage, medication units, etc., to achieve scientific use of the drug dose, in order to maximize the efficacy.

Some chicken farmers believe that the quality of raw materials is guaranteed, the cost is low, and the curative effect is good. This is not advisable. Chicken farmers do not understand the drug properties of the drug substance. Do not use the drug substance for the prevention and treatment of chicken disease. In actual production, it is best not to use the raw material drug directly. It is necessary to select the finished drug used by the manufacturer to ensure the prevention and treatment of chicken disease. Reduce the risk of medication.

If it is for the sake of saving trouble or conditional restrictions, all drugs are administered by mixing or drinking water, and are not used in accordance with the correct route of the drug, so that the effect of preventing and treating chicken diseases is not achieved at all, and sometimes side effects are caused.

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