What are the advantages and disadvantages of caged broilers?

In recent years, with the increasing intensification of broiler culture, a more advanced broiler breeding model – the use of broiler rearing equipment to raise chickens is quietly emerging, and broiler cages are increasingly attracting attention and rapid development in the industry.

Advantages of caged broilers:

1. Make full use of the building space to reduce the cost of each chicken's site and construction investment.

2. The return on feed is high and the chicken has a strong growth advantage.

3. Easy to warm up and save energy, the fuel cost per chicken is greatly reduced.

4. Intestinal diseases are greatly reduced.

5. It is possible to detect the disease weakly at an early stage and facilitate timely elimination, which is helpful for controlling large groups of diseases.

6. Can be released 40 days before, shortening the feeding cycle.

7. Save on the cost of medicines, and the cost of each chicken is less than one yuan.

Disadvantages of caged broilers:

1. One-time investment is high.

2. Ventilation is difficult.

3. Disinfection with chicken can not be thorough, there will be dead ends.

4. When the trough is limited, the chicken will compete for food and there will be a stepping on the death.

The above shortcomings can be overcome. Please refer to the previous article for specific measures.

In the breeding industry in recent years, the adoption of broiler battery cages mode is very common in many chicken farms. In addition to some farms that use the free-range model, most farmers choose to use broiler farming equipment to breed broilers.

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