Cascading laying hen cage equipment introduction

The perfect poultry farming cage equipment can make the chicken have a comfortable growing environment, so that the chicken can grow healthily. Laying hen cage equipment for laying hens is the first choice for large-scale, intensive, and automated laying hens. It has the following characteristics:




1, small footprint, high space utilization, easy to achieve intensive and large-scale breeding. The space of the building can be fully utilized to reduce the cost of each chicken's site and construction investment. The chicken manure layering and cleansing in the chicken equipment greatly reduces the moisture of the chicken manure, and the utilization rate of chicken manure in chicken battery cages is high, and the environmental pollution is extremely small.


2, to achieve full automation control, greatly reducing the operator, reducing labor intensity and improving labor productivity. Energy loss is reduced due to inactivity in caged chickens. It can effectively improve the return of feed and save the cost of feed saving feed.


3, the use of fully enclosed feeding mode, is conducive to the prevention of infectious diseases. It is easy to raise the temperature of the house and save energy, so that the fuel cost of each chicken is greatly reduced.


4, can effectively reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases in chickens. It is also possible to detect the disease in a timely manner so as to be eliminated in time, which is helpful for controlling the incidence of large groups.

The chicken feed line tray in the chicken raising machinery uses engineering plastics as the main production material. The production intensity is high, there is no poison and pollution, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced. Among them, its long service life is greatly extended. The automated laying hen equipment can provide conditions for chicken scale farming, and the chicken feed tray can be used for 50-70 chickens at the same time. And the professional material level sensing system is attached to the machine, and the whole process can be controlled by computer programming to realize the automation and high efficiency of chicken raising. It can help you automate your feeding in the farm. After setting, it is necessary to carry out regular inspections to achieve operation, and the failure rate is low. And can be scientifically adjusted according to the development of the chicken, feeding more reasonable science

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