Chicken equipment manufacturers teach you how to raise chickens

Nowadays, when farmers raise chickens, they choose to use poultry breeding equipment (layer chicken cages / broiler cages) for breeding. When farmers use chicken equipment for breeding work, in order to make these chicken equipment play the best effect, before use, farmers can learn from manufacturers the correct use of equipment and precautions. In addition, farmers need to pay attention to a few issues in the process of use, now the author will talk about it.

1. First of all, when we use full-automatic chicken breeding equipment for breeding work, we need to pay attention to prevent illness while carefully feeding. According to the different growth stages of broilers, diets were prepared according to feeding standards.

2. Regular disinfection in a timely manner. First of all, chicks should be introduced from healthy breeder farms to prevent vertical transmission of pathogens. Second, create a good breeding environment, disinfect regularly, and prevent horizontally transmitted diseases.

3. Secondly, we also need to do a good job in epidemic prevention. When using full-automatic chicken breeding equipment, a soft rubber strip can be added to the bottom of the cage to prevent the breast of the broiler from coming into direct contact with the pointed iron wire and causing chest cysts. Regular management of temperature, humidity, ventilation and light is a prerequisite for preventing the occurrence of chicken respiratory diseases.

4. Another thing is to pay attention to ventilation. Because the climate is cold in winter, and the temperature inside the house is very different from the outside temperature, it is necessary to ventilate and maintain the temperature in the house. This is also the main problem to be solved in winter. The hen house requires good thermal insulation performance, and it is especially necessary to prevent the chicks from being killed by squeezing together due to low temperature. In general, ventilation starts at the age of 6 days, and the ventilation volume is increased with the increase of chicken age to reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the house. Remove faeces and wet litter in a timely manner.

The above are the issues that need to be paid attention to when farmers use chicken equipment for breeding work. I hope the above introduction can provide some help for everyone, if you want to get further understanding. Or if you have any other questions, you can consult the technical staff of the poultry equipment manufacturers for related content.

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