The help that layer cages can provide in layer breeding

In laying hen breeding, it is important to ensure that the egg production of the laying hens is increased. Only when the egg production is increased, can the farmers' economic benefits in the later period be improved. Therefore, in the process of breeding laying hens, farmers are looking for effective poultry breeding equipment for breeding. In recent years, the effective layer breeding equipment recognized by farmers is the layer chicken cages. So what kind of help does the layer cage provide to the farmers in breeding?

1. When farmers use layer farming cages to raise chickens, the number of breeding per unit area will increase. After the breeding number of farmers increases, the egg production of their flocks will increase accordingly, which increases the economic benefits of farmers in the later period.

2. The bottom net of the layer cage and the angle of the egg sliding are designed reasonably, and the eggs will not be jammed or rolled out and broken. In this way, the damage to the eggs of the farmers can be reduced and the economic benefits of the farmers in the later period can be increased.

3. When using layer cages to raise chickens, the amount of activity in the flock will be greatly reduced, the feed conversion rate will be correspondingly improved, and the laying performance of the laying hens will also be improved, and the egg production benefits will be increased accordingly

4. When using layer cages to raise chickens, farmers can always observe the living conditions of the chickens. In this way, if there are special circumstances in the flock, timely measures can be taken for treatment to prevent the spread of the disease or the aggravation of the disease, and reduce unnecessary troubles for the farmers in the later period.

5. When using layer cages to raise chickens, new and old layers can be raised separately. This can improve the breeding efficiency of farmers and reduce feed costs.

The above is the help that the poultry farming battery cages can provide in the breeding process. I hope that through today's description, farmers can have a more comprehensive understanding and understanding of the layer cage tools currently used.

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