Focus on increasing the benefits of chicken farming

Chicken and eggs are becoming the necessities of the masses day by day. The nutritional value of chicken and eggs is very high. If farmers want to obtain high benefits through chicken raising, they must improve the production performance of the chicken flock and improve chicken raising. Benefit, achieve reasonable and scientific breeding methods.




1. The use of Broiler Cage System to breed broilers: Intensive and large-scale breeding models are popular in the chicken industry nowadays. The use of cage-raising is the basis for intensive chicken raising, and the use of cages to raise chickens can also be Farmers increase the number of chickens raised. Chicken cages are a multi-layer breeding mode, so the area of ??the chicken house can be used well, and the chicken cages are easy to manage, which can improve the number and cost of the farmers. Increase the benefit of chicken breeding.


2. Preparing a well-balanced feed: Whether the feed is formulated properly or not will directly affect whether the nutrition in the chicken group can be balanced. Only when the nutrition is balanced can the layer and broiler chickens perform normal growth and production performance. The farmers need according to different chicken groups. Varieties, various nutrients required for different growth stages to prepare a reasonable feed, so that the layer broiler can get a nutritionally balanced feed at each growth stage.


3. Scientific feeding and management: Whether the health and growth and production performance of the chickens can be brought into full play is closely related to the feeding and management of the farmers in all aspects. Therefore, doing a good job in feeding and management is to increase economic benefits for yourself. Laying a foundation, there are many aspects of feeding management: environmental management, feeding work, feed nutrition, disease prevention and regular disinfection work, etc. are all tasks that need to be done by farmers.


4. Do a good job of Fully automatic poultry farming equipment for chicken disinfection and immunization: Disease is a killer that hinders the health of chickens and hinders farmers from obtaining high benefits. Therefore, preventing the occurrence of various diseases has become a work that farmers must do. At present, disease prevention is relatively Good means are frequent disinfection and memory vaccination of chickens. Therefore, these two tasks cannot be ignored by farmers and must be carried out scientifically and reasonably.


5. Reduce the stress of beak cutting and immunity: Beak cutting and immunization are the work that must be done in the process of breeding layer broilers, but these two kinds of work are more irritating to the layer broiler and easily cause the stress response of the layer broiler. The growth and production performance of laying hens and broilers will be affected by nutrition. Therefore, farmers must add antibiotics and vitamins to the feed during beak cutting and vaccination to reduce the effect of stress factors. The time for choosing beak cutting and immunization is also selected After dark or before dawn, do not disturb the chickens to prevent them from exploding.


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