The reason why the battery cage system is prone to bending

The battery cage system with reasonable structure and high quality has a service life of more than 15-20 years, and can provide a relatively comfortable living environment for the chickens to ensure the normal production potential of the chickens.

Poorly structured and poor-quality chicken cages will either deform and crack solder joints as soon as the chickens are put into the cage, or they will continue to jam the chickens, or the chickens will be in a state of stress for a long time, and it will be difficult to perform normal production performance. Chicken cages often jam and nest eggs, causing damage to the eggs, accumulating and losing enormously.

It can be seen that the quality of poultry layer cages of automatic chicken raising equipment is directly related to the economic benefits of the chicken industry. Whether it is chicken cage manufacturers, chicken farm technicians, or general individual chicken farmers, they should attach great importance to this. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good quality layer cage.



The production materials of chicken cages require cold drawn steel wires. Inferior steel quality is generally manifested as low steel wire hardness and poor elasticity, which reduces the overall strength of the chicken cage and is easy to deform. For the finished product that has been welded, the quality of the steel wire can be identified from the following aspects: 

High-quality steel wire has high hardness and strong elasticity. Use your fingers to pinch the two adjacent steel wires on the layer chicken cages plate where the distance between the welding points is large. You should clearly feel the elasticity of the steel wire. When the force is moderate, the slight bending caused by the pinching can basically reset itself. , The steel base wood will not be deformed if you use light force. If the steel has a low hardness and poor elasticity, it will produce irreversible deformation if the adjacent steel wires are pinched with a slight force by hand. If the steel wire is severely bent without resetting with moderate force, the steel wire feels almost inelastic, so pick up the cage to make it When it fell on the concrete floor, the voice was short and muffled.

The cage plate made of high-quality steel wire has a loud and high sound on the ground, and the reverberation is long. The steel wire with extremely poor hardness will produce small wavy bends when straightening, which is very obvious from the eye view, and the high-quality chicken cage steel wire will never appear such bends. The chicken cages welded with low-hardness steel wires, even if the solder joints are firm, the chickens will be overwhelmed and bend down severely after being basketed, which can cause water and troughs to deform or break, which is not only inconvenient for management, but even make it difficult for chickens to eat and drink.

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