What is mainly included in chicken equipment?

Chicken equipment includes not only chicken battery cages, but also heating equipment, ventilation equipment, water supply equipment, feeding equipment, lighting equipment and egg laying equipment.


1. Heating equipment. The brooding method of flue heating is more suitable for small and medium chicken farms. Bricks or adobes are used to form flue pipes. Larger brooding rooms can use long flue. Smaller brooding rooms can use field-shaped surrounding flue. When designing flue, the diameter of flue inlet should be larger. It should be gradually reduced to the outlet, so as to facilitate the circulation of heat and smoke, and prevent smoke from falling.


2. Ventilation equipment. Closed houses must be mechanically ventilated to address ventilation and summer cooling. There are two kinds of mechanical ventilation: air supply type and exhaust type. Air supply type ventilation is to use a fan to forcibly send fresh air to the house to form a positive pressure inside the house to remove the dirty air. The exhaust type ventilation is to use a fan. The dirty air in the house is forcibly extracted, so that a negative pressure is formed in the house, and fresh air enters the house through the air inlet.

3. Water supply equipment. Flat chicken cage can use the hanging tower type automatic drinking fountain. The drinking fountain is suspended from the ceiling by the hanging rope. The top inlet hose is connected with the main water pipe, and the incoming water flows into the drinking tray through the control valve. Health and water saving.


4. Feeding equipment. The main use of the trough, the cage chickens use a long trough, the automatic feeding is fed by the feeder and the chain feeder, the flat chicken can use this feeding method, can also be fed with feed bucket. The chicks should use a shallow tray of feed, and the shape of the trough affects whether the feed can be fully utilized.


5. Lighting equipment. Incandescent lamps are currently widely used for illumination. Many chicken farms have a timer switch that automatically controls the lights to replace the manual switch lights, ensuring accurate and reliable illumination time. It can also be illuminated by fluorescent tubes, which are directed towards the ceiling so that the light is reflected through the ceiling to the ground. This scattered light is softer and evener.


6. Egg laying equipment. Double-layered egg cartons can be used for breeding broiler breeders or flat hens. In addition to flat net culture, bred chickens are often used in overlapping or stepped brooding cages. Laying hens are basically caged. Cultivating cages and caged chickens can make full use of space, increase feeding capacity, good sanitation, facilitate epidemic prevention, and save feed.






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