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What are the advantages of using a chicken cage in a closed house?

Nowadays, when farmers choose the way to raise chickens, most users choose to use poultry battery cages to raise chickens. Because chicken cages have many advantages, they can increase the number of chickens and facilitate management. Chicken cages are used to raise chickens. The houses of the farmers must be closed, also known as windowless houses. The environment of the house is mainly controlled by equipment and labor. The advantages of using a closed chicken cage to raise chickens in chicken houses are:

1. The closed chicken battery cages raises the environment of the chicken house and can meet the physiological and production needs of the chicken: the closed chicken house environment is much more stable than the open house, and will not be affected by the natural environmental conditions. The production is stable and safe. By manual control of the operation technology, it is beneficial to control the growth and development of the chicken, sexual maturity and stimulate the egg production cycle, and facilitate the monitoring of the quality and quantity of the chicken. Such as restrictions on feeding, forced moulting and other measures.

2. Intensification and standardization: The construction of a chicken house requires the farmers to invest a lot of money and manpower. The number of breeding is generally more than 10,000. The use of closed cages can make the area inside the house fully utilized. Increased, land utilization is high. The growth and production of flocks can generally be controlled according to the feeding standards of chickens, and the products produced can meet the standards promulgated by the state.

3. Saving manpower and reducing feeding costs: ventilation, light, humidity, and even feeding, drinking, and epidemic prevention of enclosed chicken houses can be controlled by mechanical equipment. It can reduce the manpower required in the breeding process, and the use of equipment for chicken farming is more advanced and efficient. Man-made waste is also greatly reduced, thereby reducing production costs while increasing production efficiency.

4. Isolation and disinfection is good, less cross-contamination: Because the enclosed chicken house is well separated from the outside, the chances of pathogenic microorganisms inside and outside the house will be reduced, and the sterilization in the house can be controlled in a certain space. In this way, the chance of cross-contamination will be greatly reduced, which is conducive to the prevention and control of epidemics, especially major animal diseases.

5. Good disease control, low drug cost: closed chicken house due to less cross-contamination, the internal environment of the house is controllable, the chicken group is less affected by the outside world, and the disease rate of the chicken group is low. Compared with other types of chicken houses, even if the chickens are infected with the same disease, because the internal environment is good, the medication is more scientific and more effective, so the treatment is easier and the treatment cost is lower.

The above five advantages are summarized and shared by the authors. Farmers choose to use closed chicken cages to raise chicken houses for the advantage of raising chickens. For the farmers to refer to, thank you for your attention!


What can to do when raising chicken?

First of all, we must understand that when we raise chickens, we must refrain from blindly following the trend, choose products that are suitable for ourselves, and raise chickens in chicken battery cages . The chicken disease in the breeding process and the requirements for feeding management are constantly changing, and we cannot master them without raising them. The law of change, the chicken disease in the breeding process, the requirements for feeding and management are constantly changing, and the law of change can not be mastered without frequent maintenance.

In the process of using chicken cage culture, if there is no clear record, all memories, such as feed intake, death rate, medication, etc., are not clearly recorded. There is no digital concept at all when farming, and such aquaculture success rate is small. When breeding, do not blindly pursue the survival rate, but ignore the ratio of meat to meat. The meat content is a large proportion in the process of our breeding.



Timely adjustment of feed nutrition, chickens in different seasons, different ages, the demand for nutrition in the feed is not the same, to reduce the cost of breeding, must be based on the nutritional needs of poultry, timely adjustment of feed nutrition. Appropriate light can stimulate the secretion of hormones from the pituitary gland of the hypothalamus, that is, the secretion of follicle stimulating hormone and growth-promoting hormone, which can greatly help the laying of laying hens and the growth of broilers.


The disinfectant in the chicken cages for sale is too single and the disinfection method is too simple. It is repeated disinfection, and the sanitation in the house is not completely cleaned before disinfection, so that the disinfection work is no different from the non-disinfection. In short, the above situation often occurs in the breeding process. In order to achieve greater economic benefits, it is hoped that all farmers can combine their actual situation with their own chicken farms, seriously strengthen their feeding management, and remain invincible in the micro-raising industry.



What are the necessary conditions for installing broiler chicken cages?

As the name suggests, broiler battery cages are the equipment for raising broilers. It is a common way of raising chickens in farms. It can solve the problem of large flat area, chickens directly contacting the ground and feces easily infected with diseases. Farmers can be allowed to raise a larger number of chickens on a limited area. Moreover, broilers do not touch the feces and the ground, reducing the incidence of disease.

The broiler chickens are concentrated and cultured. If they are used in the previous sheds, they will occupy more places. This type of farming will be less than the number of cages. That is to say, the density of cages is large. It can be said that it is a chicken house of the same building area. If caged, it will raise more broilers.

In other words, the use of broiler cages can increase the number of broiler cultures within the same building area. It also creates greater benefits for the farmers, so the use of them for broiler breeding has formed a trend that has become a scale. In addition, if cages are used for breeding, the chickens can be effectively classified. For example, it is possible to carry out male and female cages, which is more conducive to the growth of chickens. That is to say, it can increase the feed conversion rate, and make the specifications of the listed body weight more consistent and increase economic income.

The installation of broiler cages, especially for broilers, is of great help. For the aquaculture industry, keeping the chickens in cages can maintain a clean environment. That is to avoid contact between broiler chicken and chicken manure, which will reduce the breeding of bacteria and increase the survival rate of broilers. The survival rate of broilers is very important. If there is no survival rate, the ultimate profit and benefits are simply impossible to talk about.

At the same time, the use of poultry farming equipment is more convenient for mechanized operation, which can greatly improve labor productivity, which greatly reduces labor costs. At the same time, it can also be scientifically managed to achieve better economic benefits.


Why use broiler chicken cages to raise chickens?

In the current aquaculture industry, the more popular way of breeding broiler is to use broiler farming equipment for breeding chickens. Of course, there are other farming methods, but this method is the most scientific compared to other methods, and it can also help the growth of broilers. The broiler cages produced by high-quality poultry farming equipment manufacturers use hot-dip galvanizing, corrosion-resistant and have a service life of more than 15 years. Let's analyze the importance of caged broilers.

The broiler chickens are concentrated and cultured. If they are used in the previous sheds, they will occupy more places. This type of farming will be less than the number of cages. That is to say, the density of cages is large. It can be said that it is a chicken house of the same building area. If caged, it will raise more broilers.

In other words, the use of broiler cages can increase the number of broiler cultures within the same building area. It also creates greater benefits for the farmers, so the use of them for broiler breeding has formed a trend that has become a scale. In addition, if cages are used for breeding, the chickens can be effectively classified. For example, it is possible to carry out male and female cages, which is more conducive to the growth of broilers. It can increase the feed conversion rate and make the specifications of the listed body weight more consistent and increase economic income.

Another point is that keeping the chickens in the cage allows you to maintain a clean environment. That is to avoid contact between broiler chicken and chicken manure, which will reduce the breeding of bacteria and prevent the occurrence of diseases such as coccidia. It also saves money on litter.

At the same time, the use of broiler cages is more convenient for mechanized operation, which can greatly improve labor productivity, which greatly reduces labor costs. At the same time, it can also be scientifically managed to achieve better economic benefits. It is made of softer steel wire and is more suitable for broiler chickens. It has the advantage of being able to bring better economic benefits to farmers.


Introduction to the characteristics of the layer chicken cage fan

Farmers know that wind turbines are the key equipment to ensure the environmental status of the house and the high yield and stability of the chickens. The main function of the fan is to ventilate the house. What are the characteristics of the fan of the poultry farming equipment?

When farmers purchase wind turbines, they need to pay attention to the following items:

1. The louver blade can be automatically opened and closed by a unique push-open louver mechanism.

2. Adopting stainless steel fan blade one-time stamping forming process, no deformation, no bursting, beautiful and durable high-precision dynamic balance detection and correction, ensuring smooth operation of the fan without vibration, reducing noise and effectively improving service life.

3. Adopting the unique recessed fan to handle the handle design, not only effectively avoiding loading and unloading, inconvenience during handling, but also affecting the installation and appearance of the fan.

4.V-type pulley is hot-formed from high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy material, light in weight and light in weight.

5. Mechanical centrifugal structure, using high-toughness reinforced nylon 100% raw material injection molding processing, high strength and long life. The rigid member embedded in the guide rod is mounted on the impeller, which enhances the reliability of the mechanism and effectively avoids the expansion and contraction of the nylon process.

The above is the purchase technique of the ventilation equipment used when using the chicken cage equipment, I hope to help everyone.


Farming equipment required for chicken farms

Assuming that the number of chickens is relatively large, poultry cage equipment will be used to raise chickens, which will save land area and better raise chickens. So what kind of breeding equipment is needed for a good chicken farm? Here are some suggestions that farmers can decide based on their type and number of chickens.


If your house is a closed house, because the house is not ventilated, mechanical ventilation is required. According to the direction of airflow inside the house, it can be divided into horizontal ventilation and longitudinal ventilation. Chicken house equipment must be mechanically ventilated. According to the flow direction of the airflow in the house, it can be divided into two types: horizontal ventilation and longitudinal ventilation. Lateral ventilation means that the direction of airflow in the house is perpendicular to the long axis of the house. Longitudinal ventilation refers to the way in which a large number of fans are concentrated in one place, so that the airflow in the house is parallel to the long axis of the house. The research practice since 1988 proves that the longitudinal ventilation effect is better, can eliminate and overcome the phenomenon of small dead angle and low wind speed in the horizontal ventilation, and how to raise the chicken equipment, how to ventilate the chicken equipment and eliminate the horizontal ventilation. The drawbacks of cross-infection.




Followed by heating equipment. In order to achieve the purpose of heating and insulation, electric heating, plumbing, coal stoves, etc. can be used. Especially in winter, because of the lower temperature, heating equipment is needed, but it also needs timely ventilation. For the reason of feeding the chicken, you can choose water line or high quality water-proof drinking fountain, not only sanitary but also water. So as not to cause the house to be wet due to water leakage.


The Poultry Rearing Equipment and the egg collecting equipment can be selected according to the model of the chicken cage. The chickens with higher mechanization are all automatically collected by the conveyor belt, and the efficiency is relatively high, but the breaking rate is relatively high. Many chicken farms have a timed automatic control switch that replaces the manual switch to ensure adequate lighting time. Therefore, lighting equipment is also essential.




The importance of drinking water for raising chickens in broiler cages

Moisture is an important factor in maintaining normal human body activity, as is the growth of flocks. Moisture is the most important substance to maintain the health of the body. It is also one of the important substances for laying hens. Let's talk to farmers today about the importance of water for chickens in broiler battery cages.

1. Moisture plays an extremely important role in the digestion and metabolism of chickens.

Water can help chickens digest the feed and is also a carrier for the body to expel metabolic waste. Water is not only a necessary solvent for nutrient absorption, rotation and metabolic waste excretion, but also a medium for chemical reactions in metabolic processes. Water is directly involved in many chemical reactions. Water has the characteristics of large heat capacity and high heat of evaporation. The body temperature is adjusted by absorption and discharge of water, so it is important to keep the body temperature constant. Water can also act as a lubricating fluid to keep the joint surface of the bones smooth and free to move.

2. Insufficient drinking water will have an adverse effect on the chicken body.

Insufficient drinking water in the flocks, the digestion and absorption of the feed is poor, the blood is thick, the body temperature rises, and growth and egg production are affected. If the chicken body is dehydrated by 10%, it will cause death of the chicken body. If the chicks are short of water, they can cause kidney disease, polycythemia, dry and dehydrated skin around the legs, and the inner layer of the muscles becomes soft or mushy. When laying hens lack water, ovarian necrosis occurs, the stomach is inflamed, kidney disease, egg production decreases, egg weight is reduced, eggshells are thinned, shellless eggs are completely stopped or completely stopped. It can be seen that water has an extremely important role in raising chickens in broiler cages. If the chicken body lacks water, it will affect its growth rate, especially for broilers.

3. Most of the chicken body depends on water.

The chicks contain about 70% water, and the chicks in one week old contain about 85% water, mainly in the intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid. In the total amount of body water, water in the intracellular fluid accounts for 50%, and water in the extracellular fluid accounts for 15%. Most of the water is taken from the body by drinking water, and the rest is derived from the metabolic water produced by the water and nutrients in the feed.

The above is what the farmers want to tell today, the importance of water for raising chickens using poultry farming equipment. In order for the chicken to obtain the water necessary for growth, the farmer needs to be supplemented with sufficient water for a prescribed period of time.


Precautions for laying eggs in autumn

The advantage of laying hens is probably that you can collect eggs, put the chickens in the poultry cage equipment, and then collect the eggs at a fixed time. If the farmers buy the automatic egg collector, it is more convenient, and the number of chickens is more. If you want to pay attention to some small things about raising chickens, you will not be able to lay eggs, especially in the fall.





1. Reduce the impact of climate change, so that the climate change within the chicken house is not too large, reducing the temperature difference between day and night. When the temperature of the broiler outside the house is too high during the day, the chicken should be driven to the shade or in the pergola. When you are low, catch the chicken.


2, daily management, observe the spirit, appetite and feces of the flock when feeding in the morning and evening. For those who are mentally ill, loss of appetite, and abnormal feces, further isolation and examination is required.


3. Appropriately adjust the chickens, and stop the chickens, weak chickens, chickens with short laying time, overweight or overweight, and the disease-free chickens in time, leaving the production performance, physical fitness, production Eggs are normal chickens in automatic poultry farming equipment.


4, increase feed nutrition, after a long period of egg production and hot summer, the chicken body is already very tired, should feed more animal protein feed after the fall, subsidize the chicken that has not been moulted to continue laying eggs, promote the chicken that has been moulted Rapidly grow into feathers to resume production as soon as possible. Since the nerves of the chicken are very sensitive at this time, when adding a higher nutrient feed, it is necessary to slowly add a slow sprinkle to prevent the nerves of the chicken from being stimulated and the moults to stop production.


5, control density, reasonable grouping, according to age, feeding and ventilation conditions , the general density of ground free-range is 1~20 days old 25~30 per square meter, 21~40 days old per square meter 15~20 only.



Advantages of commercial broiler chicken cages for broiler chickens

The broiler is raised by the farmers for the survival rate and meat yield of the broilers. Only when these are improved can they bring just good economic benefits to the farmers. The prerequisite for ensuring survival is to choose a good farming method. Broiler cages are currently a good breeding equipment for breeding, which can raise chickens at high density, save land area, and reduce the incidence of poultry diseases. The authors will talk about the advantages of using broiler cages to breed broilers.

The main advantages of broiler rearing equipment:

1. Compared with the traditional flat raise, the number of chickens in the unit can be increased by 50%-100%.

2. The automatic water supply system can ensure the uniformity and sufficiency of broiler drinking water and ensure the healthy and healthy growth of broilers.

3. It can be equipped with a special indoor cooling system, which can effectively reduce the indoor temperature and reduce the suffocation death caused by high temperature and oxygen deficiency.

4. The device is easy to operate and can save labor.

5. The use of automatic defecation system can effectively reduce the disease and mortality of broilers.

6. Broiler cages can reduce exercise, accelerate growth, and save feed conversion.

7. Broiler cages are easy to observe, group and select for easy management.

8. The hot-dip galvanizing process of the cage net and the cage frame can better the service life of the equipment.

Experiments show that the technical advantages of commercial broiler battery cages compared with online breeding are very significant, which not only can increase the number of cultures, improve production performance, save production costs, but also bring significant economic benefits to farm households. Moreover, it can also save land resources, reduce environmental pollution, improve product quality, and create huge social benefits. It is in line with the development requirements of “scale, standardization, industrialization and ecologicalization” of broiler breeding industry. The widespread application of chicken cages will help speed up the process of standardization and transformation of livestock and poultry farms and effectively promote the upgrading of the livestock industry.


What are the mistakes often made by farmers when raising chickens?

First, when buying chicken poultry farm equipment cost in nigeria, it is cheaper: the cost of raising chicken equipment to raise chickens is much higher than in the past, so many users tend to prefer cheap equipment and chicken cages when purchasing chicken equipment. Whether the quality of the equipment meets the requirements and standards, especially the chicken cage equipment, the chicken cage is the main equipment for raising chickens. The chicken cage with poor structure and bad quality will affect the growth and production of the chickens, and the service life is not guaranteed.


Second, raising chickens ignores immunization: the density of equipment for raising chickens is higher than that of flat feeding, and the number is large. The density of chickens is large, and the chances of chickens infected with diseases will be much higher. Therefore, farmers need to pay attention to the prevention of infectious diseases. Immunization of chickens is currently economical and effective. However, many farmers have neglected the help of immunization, or some farmers have not complied with reasonable procedures to cause immune failure and cost loss. Farmers should develop reasonable disease prevention procedures based on flock conditions and regional epidemics.





Third, the disease diagnosis of chickens: Many users have many years of farming experience, so when the chickens produce diseases, the farmers think they can diagnose, only look at the surface, do not seek experts for diagnosis, blind medication, leading to chickens It is more serious and will not be isolated and healthy chickens in the chicken cage, which seriously endangers the health of other chickens. Now the chicken diseases are more complicated, so the farmers should be isolated in time after the chickens get sick and then go to the veterinarian. Diagnostic treatment.


Fourth, do not pay attention to the disinfection of chicken houses: large-scale chicken house equipment, chicken density is large, the number is also large, so the chicken house is easy to produce harmful gases and bacteria to breed, seriously endangering the health of the chicken, so breeding Households should regularly disinfect the chicken house to kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the house to prevent disease, and also pay attention to keeping the house clean and often ventilated.


Fifth. Inadvertent maintenance of chicken poultry farming equipment: Since chicken equipment is generally large-scale mechanized equipment, the service life is relatively long, and the farmers need to carry out reasonable inspection and maintenance work on each equipment regularly, so that problems can be discovered in time. The fault is solved, and the service life of the equipment can be guaranteed and extended, and the efficiency of the chicken raising work of the farmers is good, but many farmers have neglected the work, resulting in short service life, high failure rate and increased cost.


Stepped and battery layer chicken cages, which is better?

In the past two years, the number of chicken farms with a population of less than 10,000 has become less and less, and there are more and more chicken farms on a large scale. The author has compiled some supporting equipment for the medium and large chicken farms and the information about the poultry farming equipment for the farmers, and I hope to help you.

There are two types of chicken cages commonly used, one is a stepped layer chicken cages:

The advantages of the stepped layer chicken cage: the upper and lower layers of the cage are completely staggered, usually 3 to 4 layers.

The utility model has the advantages that the bottom of the cage does not need to have a dung board, and if it is a pit, there is no clearing system; the structure is simple; the ventilation and the surface of each layer are large.


1. The mesh is smooth to prevent the chicken from being injured in the foot.

2. Separation of the net and the bottom net can effectively prevent the fatigue syndrome of the anus and laying hens.

3. The mesh is galvanized to improve the service life. (Zinc plating is currently divided into cold-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, hot-swallowed zinc)

4. High-density breeding saves land, is conducive to epidemic prevention, and reduces the incidence of poultry diseases.

5. Unique door reinforcement design, effectively preventing the head from swaying and wasting feed when the chicken is eating. The cage door is enlarged to facilitate various operations on the chicken.

6. Scalability: It can be adjusted according to the size of the site, and an automatic drinking water system can be installed.

7. The chicken manure conveyor belt is installed at the bottom to effectively solve the pollution in the chicken house, and directly transfer the manure to the outside to reduce the manual input.

The other is a battery layer chicken cage:

1. Three-dimensional layer rearing equipment net mesh combination type, hot-dip galvanizing production is durable;

2. The bracket is made of cold plate rolling forming galvanized, the trough is made of white plastic steel, including adjusting plate, including joint, plastic mat mesh aperture Q15mm;

3. The cage wire of the layer cage is smooth with no cracks and scratches and other harmful defects. After the chicken net mesh is formed, it can effectively prevent the damage of the foot of the chicken and prevent the occurrence of staphylococci caused by the infection of the foot of the chicken due to the wire laceration.

4. Easy to assemble, easy to raise, easy to manage, save space, effectively prevent infectious diseases, and improve the survival rate of chickens.

5. Reduce labor costs, achieve full automation of feeding, feeding, drinking, cleaning, and environmental control, reducing labor intensity and saving labor costs.

6. Investment province, using cascading farming equipment under the same breeding scale, with high stocking density, saving land and high degree of intensification.


How to do the ventilation work in the chicken house

Chicken automatic poultry farming equipment is generally a chicken house, so it is necessary to do mechanical ventilation. According to the direction of airflow in the house, it can be divided into two types: horizontal ventilation and vertical ventilation. Lateral ventilation means that the direction of the airflow in the house is perpendicular to the long axis of the house. The longitudinal ventilation refers to the way of concentrating a large number of fans together, so that the airflow in the house is parallel to the long axis of the house. The effect of longitudinal ventilation is better than that of horizontal ventilation. It can overcome the unevenness of ventilation angle and small wind speed in the ventilation room, and can eliminate the disadvantages of cross-infection in the chicken house caused by lateral ventilation. Chicken a good living environment




1. The chicken equipment has reasonable structure, stable performance, uniform feeding, energy saving, and durability. The reasonable use of chicken cages is widely used in major farms at home and abroad.

2. The egg collecting system is combined with the vertical set egg and the horizontal egg collecting device. The egg belt runs at a uniform speed, the egg collection is smooth, and the egg breaking rate is low.

3. The automatic defecation system can concentrate the feces and transfer it to the outside of the livestock house to automatically load the car. The timely cleaning of the manure ensures the good environment of the house.

4. The poultry feeding and drinking water system is equipped with a drinking water lifting and adjusting device, which can adjust the drinking water line to a suitable height according to different ages of the chicken.

5. Broiler flat equipment is not only suitable for intensive large-scale chicken farms, but also suitable for farmers of general scale. It not only saves manpower and raises chickens, but also the main features of chicken equipment can effectively reduce feed and drinking water waste. Maintain a good breeding environment in poultry farm cage