How to inject chickens in battery cage systems?

Most farmers will choose to raise chickens in battery cage systems and vaccinate the chickens to effectively prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases.


  1. In order to avoid infecting farmers, needles should be changed frequently during injection. Do not use one needle all the time. In addition, anti-stress products can be added to drinking water within three days before and after vaccination to reduce stress and improve chicken immunity. Now the automatic poultry drinking system is very convenient, just put the potion in the kettle, and the chicken can drink the potion when it is drinking.



  1. When injecting chickens, farmers should pay attention to injecting at night or after 4 pm. At this time, most of the laying hens should have finished laying eggs. Re-injection will not stimulate laying hens, but if farmers choose to inject vaccine in the morning, it will disturb the normal egg production of chickens and easily cause yolk peritonitis.


  1. Selection of injection site: The amount of immunization can be divided into subcutaneous injection and intramuscular injection by breeders.


The above are the vaccination tips for chickens in the process of raising chickens in battery chicken cages shared by poultry equipment manufacturers. I hope that poultry farmers can learn the methods and steps and use them correctly.

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