A group of cute chicks
These chicks were born form egg shells, so cute.
Feeding chicken.
Many chickens are eating food.
poultry farming.
These chicken so beautiful, how did they do it?

What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing fully automatic chicken breeding equipment in Nigeria?

What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing fully automatic chicken breeding equipment in Nigeria? Modern breeding equipment is developing rapidly. After all, there are many benefits of using automated breeding equipment. Automated feeding equipment only needs timing. The chicken house is clean and hygienic, thanks to the automatic manure cleaner. Manual cleaning of chicken manure is dirty and tiring.


Before 10,000 chickens were managed by 10 people, now one person takes care of 10,000 chickens. In a huge chicken farm, you only need to press the remote control, and the fully automatic chicken raising equipment will automatically complete the work of feeding, feeding, watering, ventilating, and picking up eggs. It can complete more than 10,000 eggs in less than 10 minutes. Chicken feeding task.






1. Choosing fully automatic chicken breeding equipment is divided into two types, one is step automation equipment, the other is cascading automation equipment.


2. Laminated automation equipment is layered on top of each other. This kind of cage must have automated equipment to complete the entire chicken raising process. Fully automatic chicken raising equipment must have more production processes to ensure the durability of the cage. There are currently three production process cages on the market for chicken farmers to choose from.


3. Now 80%—90% of chicken farmers use stepped chicken cages, and most chicken farms do not use automated equipment, but rely on manual operations, but every chicken farmer also I have all seen stepped automation equipment. Some of the stepped automation equipment is backward in technology, and the design is very unreasonable, and it does not meet the automation standards. Therefore, today, the fully automatic chicken farming equipment manufacturer, Great Wall Animal Husbandry, will introduce you to the cascade in the automated chicken breeding equipment. Automation equipment.


4. Cold galvanizing is also called electro-galvanizing. It has a thin galvanized layer and rusts in 2 to 3 years. It has a life span of 6 to 7 years. It is still so-so when it is used as an ordinary artificial breeding cage, but if it is an automated equipment cage It is absolutely impossible to consider.


How to strengthen disease prevention in the process of raising broilers?

Broilers are susceptible to diseases due to their rapid growth and sensitivity. Because most farmers now use poultry battery cages, the breeding density is relatively high, and they are more susceptible to a variety of diseases, which affect the growth and production of broilers. Therefore, the key task of large-scale broiler farming is to do a good job in disease prevention.

First of all, farmers must have a strict awareness of disinfection and realize the importance of disinfection. A disinfection tank should be set up at the gate of the farm for disinfection of vehicles entering and exiting. An ultraviolet disinfection room should also be set at the door to facilitate the disinfection of breeding personnel or other outsiders before entering the chicken house. It is necessary to strengthen the sanitation and cleaning of the breeding environment, and regularly disinfect the environment of the breeding farm and the environment of the chicken house.

Second, in order to prevent broiler chickens from getting disease, some health-care drugs can be put into the chicken feed to improve the disease resistance of the chicken body. Thereby reducing the occurrence of diseases. It is necessary to select drugs scientifically and reasonably, and do a good job in disease prevention. Once the chickens are sick, they must be isolated in time, and non-toxic, low-residue drugs should be selected for treatment. Do not use drugs blindly, otherwise it will not alleviate the disease of the broilers, but will also increase the cost of treatment.

Third, it is necessary to immunize the entire flock of chickens so that the broilers can obtain higher and more sustained immunity. When an epidemic occurs, the broilers can develop resistance and effectively avoid the disease. The immunization should be carried out strictly in accordance with the immunization procedure. Choose the right vaccine. Ensure the quality of the vaccine. Determine the best dosage. Only by choosing a suitable vaccination method can the best immune effect be achieved.

The above is the method to prevent epidemics from using automatic chicken farm equipment to raise broilers.

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