Introduction to the characteristics of the layer chicken cage fan

Farmers know that wind turbines are the key equipment to ensure the environmental status of the house and the high yield and stability of the chickens. The main function of the fan is to ventilate the house. What are the characteristics of the fan of the poultry farming equipment?

When farmers purchase wind turbines, they need to pay attention to the following items:

1. The louver blade can be automatically opened and closed by a unique push-open louver mechanism.

2. Adopting stainless steel fan blade one-time stamping forming process, no deformation, no bursting, beautiful and durable high-precision dynamic balance detection and correction, ensuring smooth operation of the fan without vibration, reducing noise and effectively improving service life.

3. Adopting the unique recessed fan to handle the handle design, not only effectively avoiding loading and unloading, inconvenience during handling, but also affecting the installation and appearance of the fan.

4.V-type pulley is hot-formed from high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy material, light in weight and light in weight.

5. Mechanical centrifugal structure, using high-toughness reinforced nylon 100% raw material injection molding processing, high strength and long life. The rigid member embedded in the guide rod is mounted on the impeller, which enhances the reliability of the mechanism and effectively avoids the expansion and contraction of the nylon process.

The above is the purchase technique of the ventilation equipment used when using the chicken cage equipment, I hope to help everyone.

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