Why use chicken cages to reduce the dust in the house when raising chickens?

Respiratory diseases are one of the most common diseases in chickens. The external causes of chicken respiratory diseases are mainly the environment of chicken houses. For example, dust is easy to induce respiratory diseases in chickens. In addition, the dust in the chicken house will also pose a certain health threat to the farmers working inside. Therefore, reducing the dust in the house is a must for the chicken farmers. In this article, let’s talk about using the chicken battery cage to raise the dust from the chicken house.

1. Why does the house appear dust?

Even in very regular chicken houses in large-scale farms, dust can't be avoided. Feathers on chickens, feces excreted by chickens, feed from chickens, and litter in chicken houses can cause dust. Some small chicken farms, the chicken house is still muddy ground, in this case it is more likely to produce dust.

2. What is the hazard of the house?

Dust in the house is easy to cause chicken disease in the respiratory tract of the chicken, which is also a threat to human health. Specifically, when the dust is inhaled, it will damage the respiratory mucosa of the chicken, and the risk of respiratory diseases will increase. If the concentration of dust is high and lasts for a long time, it may cause death of the flock in a short time. In addition, dust in the house may block the ventilation system, which not only reduces the ventilation effect, but also wastes electricity.

3. How should chicken farmers view dust?

Sometimes, the generation of dust in the house is inevitable. For example, when transferring groups, when catching chickens, when collecting eggs, when cleaning, etc., it will produce more serious dust. Even if a chicken farmer goes into the house to inspect, it will produce dust. Therefore, for dust, chicken farmers should consider the two dimensions of the length of time and dust concentration generated by dust. Here to remind the chicken house is to enter the chicken house must wear a mask.

4. Tips for identifying dust in the house?

Some chicken houses often see spider webs on the roof, which is because of the dust. Because spiders like to net in places where there is a lot of dust and air, it is the safest for their nets. Therefore, the chicken farmers can judge the dust of the chicken house by looking at whether there is a spider web in the chicken house. Of course, this is just a small reference, not absolutely accurate.

5. How to reduce dust in the house?

Increase ventilation and humidity; clean the house often and regularly to keep the house and poultry battery cage clean and reduce dust deposits. Spray water in the house; spray vegetable oil on the litter; spare a vacuum cleaner in the house. Waiting for the above methods is a good way to reduce dust in the house.

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