Structural characteristics of battery brooder cage

1. There are many specifications of battery brooding chick cages, because the number of breeders and the area of chicken coops are different for each breeder, so the specifications are more to adapt to each henhouse and breeder. In the structure, the cage is separated in the middle, the chicken battery cages can be fed on both sides, and there are regulating nets on both sides of the cage, which can be used for brooding and breeding.

2. Poultry breeding equipment manufacturers generally design cage bottom nets that are dense and long when producing stacked brooding cages. This is because chicks are too small and the design is too wide to drop chicks.

3. The layered brooder cage is generally three-dimensional structure according to the structure of the cage frame. Generally, the number of layers provided by manufacturers is divided into 3 or 4 or more layers, depending on the needs of farmers. There is a faecal plate in between, which is convenient for the chicks to fall directly on the feces after they produce feces. It does not directly contact the chicks, which reduces the chance of infection.

4. Feeding troughs and water troughs will be set on both sides of the cascading brooding cage, which is convenient for chicks to eat and drink.

5. The advantage of using a layered brooder is that it can make full use of the area of the brooding room, which is convenient for heat preservation and disinfection, separates chicks from chicken manure, reduces the incidence of diseases such as coccidiosis, and improves survival.

6. Generally, when the chicks are transported to the broiler house, the chicks will be placed on the upper 2-3 floors. As the chicks grow older, the area occupied by the chicks gradually increases, and the chickens in the upper cage are gradually transferred to the lower cage to reduce the feeding density. This can reduce the stress response of the swarm, improve the survival rate, and also facilitate early thermal insulation.

7. The chicken cage also has a herringbone structure. This structure is called a step-type brooder by the farmers. Such chicken cage chicken flocks will directly leak to the bottom of the cage after the chicken manure is generated. It is similar to the structure and use method of the layered brooder.

That ’s all for now. It ’s about cascading brooding cages. In order to obtain a better survival rate for chicks, in addition to working hard on the way of raising chickens, more attention should be paid to feeding management. Good poultry battery cages and equipment, and sophisticated breeding management can better breed chickens and lay a solid foundation for later earnings.

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