The difference between flat broiler cages and battery broiler cages

As the chicken industry continues to expand, broiler farmers are also increasing. The number of suppliers that produce broiler cages is also increasing, but for stepped broiler cages, suppliers are still in a relatively small number of stages. The reason is that the stepped broiler cages occupies a larger area than the cascaded cages, the development is not mature, and there are fewer application cases. Therefore, in the broiler breeding industry, battery broiler farming cages are still more popular.

Compared with horizontal broiler cages, battery broiler farming cages have the following advantages:

1. Laminated broiler cages are fully hot-dip galvanized, corrosion-resistant, and have a service life of more than 20 years.
2. Q235 material, large flexibility, not easy to bend.
3. High-density breeding saves land, which is about 70% less land than stepwise.
4. Centralized management to save energy and resources. The stacked broiler cage adopts advanced ventilation system, lighting system and automatic control system to fully save energy consumption and improve labor productivity.
5. Save space and increase the stocking density to more than 60 per square meter.
6. The unique cage door design effectively prevents the chickens from shaking their heads and wasting feed when they eat.
7. Laminated broiler cages use conveyor belts to remove manure to dry the chicken manure into granules, reduce environmental pollution, and have a high recycling rate of chicken manure.
8. Ecological and environmentally friendly, it is an ideal breeding equipment for green chickens and environmentally friendly egg products.

With the systematization and centralization of the aquaculture industry, more and more small farmers have begun to use poultry cages system in Uganda to raise chickens. Although it seems that the temporary investment has increased, the income in the later period has also increased a lot.

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