Things you should know about using automated chicken farming equipment

Now, many farmers will use automatic chicken raising equipment to raise chickens. Because they can improve work efficiency and reduce the work intensity of farmers. Despite the advancement of chicken breeding technology, some of the breeding did not make good profits. Today, I will talk about the things that need to be paid attention to when using modern equipment to raise chickens to help farmers improve their scientific management level.


First of all, farmers must be disinfected when they enter the chicken house. Generally, there will be farms around the farms. Farmers like to communicate with each other and lack awareness of epidemic prevention. They usually enter the chicken coop directly without disinfection, which may cause the chicken to get sick.


Second. I believe that many farmers know about vaccination. This is an effective way to prevent infectious diseases in chickens. However, there are also some farmers who do not standardize the operation of the vaccine, resulting in the vaccine not being able to work in the chicken flock.


Third. Pay attention to feed quality. Although there are many varieties of feed on the market, farmers cannot identify which one is good and which one is bad. Farmers should not only pay attention to the price of feed when choosing feed. Pay more attention to whether the nutrients you feed are balanced.

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