Understand the characteristics of chicken

In the process of raising chickens, understand the characteristics of chickens, master the living habits of chickens, and the chickens can grow healthily and increase the income of farming.

1. Chickens are vulnerable to fright and poor resistance to enemies. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the environment of the chicken house quiet.
2. Cold resistance is poor. The chicks that have first appeared in the shell have a body temperature lower than that of the adult chicken by 3 ° C. It takes 10 days to reach the normal body temperature, and must rely on artificial heat preservation to allow the chicks to grow normally.

3. Chicken is sensitive to light. When the chicken house has no light, the chicken will not eat, and if the chicken is not rational, it will affect the productivity, so balance the light in chicken cages system

4. Chicken disease is more. Therefore, farmers should regularly disinfect the house to prevent the spread of the disease.
5. Chickens are sensitive to the surrounding environment. The chicken house has high exhaust gas content and high humidity, which is very unfavorable for the growth of chickens.

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