How to maintain chicken farming equipment?

Anyone who has used fully automatic chicken equipment should know the benefits of chicken equipment. Although it feels a bit expensive when you buy it, you will feel the value of your money when you use it later. The automatic chicken raising equipment saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and greatly reduces the cost of raising chickens. Even tens of thousands of chickens can only be solved by 3-5 people.

Is it very exciting to see this place? There are many advantages to automating chicken equipment, so we need to maintain and maintain it to bring more benefits to chicken farmers.


Regularly clean the dust on the photoelectric switch. Because the feed will produce a lot of dust when it enters the silo, the chicken will also produce a lot of dust during the activity, which will cause the feeder to fail to operate normally.

Always check the aging of the motor belt to prevent accidents and burn the motor. Maintain the motor at intervals. Pay attention to the working condition of the cycloid reducer. If oil is found, fill the gear oil in time.


After raising a batch of chickens, in order to prevent rust, you can add some butter to the motor shaft of the chicken feed line. Of course, you can use other oils for maintenance.
Every day before turning on the automatic chicken equipment, the obstacles on the track should be cleaned up to avoid the phenomenon of equipment deviation or derailment during operation.


Have you learned these? The maintenance and repair work of chicken equipment must pay attention to it. Usually, it is necessary to do the inspection work. If it is found to be damaged, it must be dealt with in time. Never wait until there is a big problem. Fully automatic chicken equipment is equivalent to your money making tool. It works efficiently and you earn a lot of money!


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