How to use drinking nipples for chicks

First, the chicks transported over long distances consume a lot of water, so they should drink water and start eating. This can promote intestinal peristalsis, increase appetite, reduce stress and infection, replenish water, and restore physical strength. If the lack of drinking water will affect the growth and development of the chicken, it will also lead to dehydration and death. Sometimes you choose to use a drinking nipple to feed your chicks, but there are also many problems.

Conditions for direct use of nipples for drinking water:

1, the chicks should be strong, uniformity should be good, so as not to cause the death of the chicks because they are too poor to drink water.

2, to avoid stress: mainly high temperature stress, especially in the summer, some bad conditions in the transport car, the temperature is difficult to reduce, long-distance transportation, long-distance transportation, plus after sending to the chicken house, some house temperature High, speed up the dehydration of chickens, physical exertion, unable to drink water, or less drinking water, leading to dehydration and death, so pay attention to stress problems, pay attention to avoid such problems.

3, to use professional matching chicks with nipple drinker: the height of the nipple can be adjusted, the water pressure can also be adjusted, adjusted to the minimum, with the increase of age to slowly adjust the height in automatic poultry farming

4, pay attention to the water line cleaning every day, every day should pay attention to flushing the pipeline, nipples, to keep the drinking water clean and hygienic.

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