The most vulnerable part of broiler culture management

First, the temperature control is not good, the temperature is not too high or low is easy to cause disease, many people think that the temperature is higher, some chickens are easy to raise, so the temperature of the brooding room is raised to 35 ° C ~ 36 ° before entering the chicken C, even higher. In fact, there is no need for such high temperatures. Chicks have been transported over long distances, and some have shown mild dehydration symptoms, which can easily cause some chicks to dehydrate more seriously. Therefore, it is recommended that the temperature of the brooding room be controlled at about 30 °C before the chicks enter the brooding room. After the chickens all enter the chicken house, the temperature is gradually increased until the chickens are completely dispersed, adapting to the temperature in the brooding room. Then the temperature is kept constant at this level.


Second, the ventilation is unreasonable. If the air quality inside the house is poor or the indoor temperature needs to be lowered for ventilation, if the ventilation is too large, the chickens will show discomfort and a serious cold will occur. If the ventilation is too small and the air quality is not improved, the chickens will still have respiratory problems in poultry equipment manufacturer in china.

Third, the humidity control is not good, the humidity problem is more difficult to master than the ventilation, high temperature and dryness will make the humidity too high, especially in the winter chicken house closed, the moisture can not be discharged, the walls and the roof are fine water drops, so It can cause a variety of diseases such as enteritis, colibacillosis, arthritis, and staphylococcal disease in chicken flocks.
Fourth, the medication is unreasonable, in the breeding, we must do a reasonable use of drugs, do not go to extremes. This is based on the culture environment, the prevalence of the disease, the state of the flock, and the pharmacological effects of the drug.

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